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Maria Guillen


Hello, I am from Centro America I came to this Country since 2005, I was 31 years old. Immediately I went to the Broward College to learn English, so I studied classes with credit in order to continue a career but I have a hearing problem that has been a barrier for me to understand completely the language and for this reason I could not find a right job for me, however I made three certificate in Bussines field and basic accounting at the Broward College, but I can't find a job to get experience, companies liked my resume, but any companies do not give the opportunity to demonstrate my capacities because I can't speak the language yet, so this has been hard for me, I am frustrated and sad. I feel capable to learn. I am hard worker, self motivated, and responsible person. Now I am thinking to come back to my country. Someone Can give me some advice? Thank you


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If speaking the language is holding you back, try to get more practice in. Meet up with some friends and make sure you only speak in English. It will really help.

Maria Guillen

Thank you so much. Well,actually I am working at Publix and working hard on practicig my English, but I have a hard job, I have to lift 50 pounds almost every day.

Clint Hamilton

Hi Maria, first of all your hearing is holding you back no matter if you were born here or not. How ever its not a deal breaker.the English is OK but needs improvement.there are a lot if jibs that hire Spanish speaking people.think about it like this .where your from how much do you think you'll earn.not much. At least here you have an opportunity. You think just by speaking English well and having degrees helps you.some times. I have 2 . but I've also been turned down
College is loaded with people that will get turned down.advice advice. OK here it is
Keep doing it.keep going after it.believe will happen.the pursuer always gets it eventually.

Alexandra Reid

I’m curious because most job seekers that live within that area in FL claim they’re unable to find a job specifically because they can’t speak Spanish. You've been here 10 years. Do you have any type of job now? Getting certified in business and accounting courses is a tremendous accomplishment. If you’ve concluded from your career research information that the only way to get the ideal career opportunity is by mastering the English language then continue to focus on learning English first. Look for support services if you have a hearing impairment or find out if your hearing problem qualifies as a disability that can be protected by federal employment laws. It might take longer but it’s a more than possible dream to accomplish in the US. You can also look for volunteering opportunities in your desired field to get your foot in the door and prove you can do the job. Don’t give up!

Maria Guillen

I appreciate your advise! Thank you so much. I will look a volunteer oportunity to integrate to the society. I love the English language so my dream is to speak very well it.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Try applying to jobs which are seeking Spanish speaking/bi-lingual employees to get some business experience...numerous large corporations are always looking for interpreters for their customer service departments. Do not let yourself become discouraged as that is self defeating...join a reading group that allows you to speak at meetings and encourage friends to correct your English when you make a pronunciation mistake or are searching for the correct words to use...friends can be your best teachers and their constructive corrections are always in your best interest. Looking for a job is never easy these days even if you speak perfect english, so hang in there and continue to embrace learning the language. Good Luck Maria!!

Maria Guillen

Oh! Thank you so much!!!!

Catie M.

Hi Maria,
I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. Also sorry I can't communicate in your language, I'm guessing it's Spanish? I actually grew up in Miami FL, and I'm quite surprised that you can't get work there because you can't speak fluent English. When I was there, I actually couldn't find a job because I couldn't speak Spanish. It's an awesome language, I'm just terrible at learning languages. Anyway, have you tried applying for jobs in Miami or Hialeah? The dominant language there (when I was there at any rate) is Spanish. From reading your post, you're English is actually pretty good :) I understood fully what you were talking about. Also, you could maybe try applying for government jobs or jobs specifically asking for bilingual applicants. I know right now there's a company in Kentucky looking for someone who is bilingual who can really work with the Hispanic populations. It's a crisis counseling position so you probably wouldn't be interested if you're an accountant, but try looking for jobs who are putting that emphasis on someone who is bilingual who can work primarily with Hispanic populations.
I really hope this helps a little. Good luck Maria!

Maria Guillen

Thank you for your advise.

Brian Stanley

Your situation seems more convoluted then just an issue with language. The first thing to consider is, do you in fact have the ability to work in the US? You never mention if you have a green card or visa. I believe the proper paper work will cause a bit of reluctance on the part of any employer from hiring you. Most companies who hire non-citizens are required to do so as a sponsor. Which will limit you to 5 years employment. Then too, reading your post it seems obvious you have a fairly strong grasp on English. So, the issue isn't your ability to speak or understand the language.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Excellent advise!

Matthew Henderson

Speaking and writing are not the same thing

Phillip Fernandez

You can't lose focus , God brought you here for a reason keep your head up stay strong and Pray about this he will help you find your way.

Maria Guillen

Thank you so much!!

J. Derricott

Go in to the Hotel and start at the front desk. It is better to get your foot in the door than to be waiting outside. Hurry up and put your past behind you and move forward with you educational goals. The right is out there you just have to go and get it. Apply and apply and keep applying for jobs.

Benjamin Korn

Maria your writing is actually pretty good for a non native speaker. There are jobs that require Spanish speaking. Many of these are social services that serve the Hispanic community. Look into the women's shelter, child care, drug and alcohol counseling--any kind of work that serves Spanish speakers. Good luck.

Maria Guillen

Oh. Thank you so much. I am trying to improve my writing, now I am passionate to learn English very well, I know one day I will do, just trying keeping on.

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I Right next better to return to your country.

Maria Guillen

Thank you!

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Maria no te rindas.Sigue buscando,pero hazlo como bilingual Spanish.Sigue practicando el idioma y busca practicar con personas que hablen inglés solamente..I have the same problems in Las Vegas,but no stop to looking job.

Maria Guillen

Muchas Graciass! Si este pais es de valientes! Me ha tocado muy dificil por mi disability ( sordera) pero lucho cada dia y trato de no rendirme.

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Maria no sabia de su problema auditivo..Trate de buscar solución al mismo,esa condición le trae problema con la comprensión y entendimiento del idioma
Usted se comunica muy bien..Ya sabe busque empleo,como Spanish bilingual..You will see.

Dave Horton

I believe many companies have positions for Spanish speaking people and have transitional training to improve english skills this is my best advice to seek employment with these companies.

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Contact me my cell no is # 9581160334

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Rosetta stone go to the nearest library they have audio Amazon online study sentences people's hand gestures body language and keep continuing to practice because if you don't apparently no one will speak to you and your situation try to put in an application for translation translator at a school Hospital Airport doctors office give that a shot because they always need someone even speak the language but you also got him prove your English is ok God bless take care. Eturnal Saga

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Hi..maybe you can go to career builder, indeed, or snag a job can help you find a way to get a job for yourself. Some other sites such as technorati or linked in ,are good news enough to have for websites to find employment. Also the department of labor is a plus for you to have as well. Apple one employment .com are good for people who are interested in secretarial work.

Maria Guillen

Great! Thank you!

Stacy Staples

Look for jobs that want people that speak English & Spanish both. You get more money and it could really pay off.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Best answer you need to go back to were you came from 3/4 of America has never seen college and now you need help to continue living here its simple if you can't do it on your own you need to leave. This is your own problem ask your government for help since it was easy to get here and get the grants for college

Beth Poling-O'Neal

Amen to that!!

Aaron Langston

Hearing aids they sell them even at Walgreens

Tayshawn Newby

Hey how are u I'm still in high school im a senior and I'm the same way call Lipton tea it a great job

Angela Perilli

I admire your drive!!!! Congratulations on completing your certifications!!!!!! Do you know how many jobs I could have gotten by now being in your shoes?! Being bilingual is next to a requirement in this day and age.
Have you considered marketing positions, call centers or even starting in a front desk/assistant position to be able to show them your abilities and be able to work your way up within?
It is SO hard and frustrating !!! I am a new college graduate also. I keep running into the lack of required experience also.
Is your school helping you at all find an entry level position? I know the school career services my school offers is complete junk; but worth a chance.

I know it varies by state, but check into government jobs for your area. Try to look on the internet for state jobs as well. Check all job sites, create a profile with your resume.I even look on Craigslist for employment.
I am sorry you and I are in a similar situation, it is not just you struggling . just try to be as patient and positive as possible.

Maria Guillen

Thank you so much

Wendie Taber

You can also look for positions in your line of work where they need someone who is bilingual. You usually get paid a little more for knowing both languages. Continue to practice and work on your English.

Vadim Kodentsov

I have the same issue! I am new to the country, have a green card, speak English just a little but enough to understand. Have difficulty to find a job even with great experience in Russia, smart and handy. Discrimination? Looks like. Priority to Americans for sure with high school diploma. Master degree in any field from other counties are not enough. Sad!

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Maria - I was an office manager with a non-profit a number of years ago and we had a young lady from El Salvador who had a very heavy accident and difficulty with pronunciation, sometimes to the point that she had to transfer the call to someone else because the caller could not understand her. She wanted to better her English language skills, so I recommended that she get books on tape and each sentence that was said, she stop the tape and try to reproduce the pronunciation as the storyteller was pronouncing. (Reading out loud from a book does not help as you have no correspond sound to base it on except the sound of your own voice.) You can even get a child's book on tape and start with very simple pronunciations and progress from there to more adult books/tapes. You can even use movies - play, stop, say the words, play, stop, etc. Repetitiveness is the key. Your local library may have this where you use headphones and listen and pronounce back what the storyteller said. Your local City College may also have this for a nominal fee if not free. I do know that some City Colleges and High Schools offer night classes.
Good Luck.

Maria Guillen

Wow. I really appreciate your advice.

Calros Rocha

Go complain to the BBB,because they are descriminating against you.

Aaron Langston

LoL... Get on disability

Marc Ramirez

English is difficult.. But, it comes easier with the want and need to learn by emerging yourself with this need. To communicate..
Es deficil, claro.. Pero con los ganas.. Lo harias posible! Con el gusto.. Nos empuje. Olvidando los dificultades.. Y luego no hay barreras! Muchas suertes mi hermana.. Dios por adelante! Try HR Block.. There's always a need for accountants but, certificates only designate your ability to learn! I think, you need to be licensed to be certified.. Informate!

Maria Guillen

Gracias Amigo!!
Mucha suerte para usted tambien.
Se que en este enorme pais todo es un reto. Empezando por obviar la discriminacion, pero hay que dar lo mejor de uno siempre.

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Enseño inglés a hispanohablantes. Tengo paginas de Facebook sobre enseñar español y inglés.

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También busco trabajos bilingues.

Maria Guillen

Como encuentro su pagina?

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Maria writes in her Spanish response that she has a disability, that she is deaf. In her English story, she says she has a hearing problem, which is misleading to all English speakers reading this story. Being deaf is not a hearing problem, it's a disability. If in 10 years nobody has given her a job, it's because she probsbly is illegal, not because of English or Spanish. Any Spanish speaker can make a living in South Florida without knowing English, even illegal aliens without papers. Maria has 2 problems. First, she's probably an illegal alien as she hasn't even answered if she has papers, so we can assume she doesn't have papers. Second, she cannot communicate verbally in English, she can't hear people back, what compact is going to hire her, for real? Unless it's a computer job like online customer service, where you don't need to talk but just to type.

Maria has 2 options. If she has papers, apply to Social Security Disability Income due to her being deaf, a permanent disability. If she's an illegal alien, she'll never find a legal decent paying job in the USA, even if she had 20 MBAs or PhDs or even if she speaks 20 languages. Second option, go back to her country.

The problem is Maria is a deaf illegal alien. No amount of education or mastery of the English language will change the fact she is not allowed to work in this country.

Beth Poling-O'Neal

Exactly! Go home sweet cheeks

Carmen Morales

That is b.s.!

Paul Schlipf

All I can say is you've worked hard an nothing comes easy an don't give up keep on trying cause your the type of person this country was built on. An is why this country is a great nation cause of people like you. Who will be a good Citizens that will work an do your part to help are great nation be great again. So don't give up cause I'm sure it wasn't even easy to get here an it sounds like your wanting to do something with your life your here don't waste opportunity to change what to came here for so go for it god bless an take life by the horns Latrez an peace ✌ to all

Robert Solano

Hi Maria! You need to use need to start networking! Talk to friends, neighbors, school job placement, networking, church bulletin board, hand out business cards! Never give up! Visualize where you want to work, write it down, say it over and over repeatedly, believe you already have this job and it will materialize! Robert

marcelle simpson

Mr. Guillen you came to this country to achieve a goal you want stability for yourself and your family. How dare you Cave in due to a slight disability language wise in hearing wise. On this journey that you're on expected disappointment close doors that's part of the game of success, success is not given easily. You have to earn it work hard for it this is what separates the elite from the masses. But once you achieve success you know how to keep it and manage it well keep the fire of ambition alive not just for your sake but the sake of the next generation. And it starts with you my friend do your homework find courses in English language and go for it let nothing stop you not even yourself. God bless you!

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Dear Maria,keep learning English. Do not give up. You will find a Job.

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I understand and write English only. Majority of jobs want Bilingual. My parents speak Spanish to me, among themselves yes, nt towards me. They spoke Spanish and English. Thank you for your honesty..

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I was born and raised in this country and served in the Army and I can't find a job!!!

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I can feel your pain
Sometones it is not because you can't speak or write .It is how you speak and some employers have no patience to listen.
You and I may be pre judged based on how we speak.

Denise Luna

I was in a similar situation years ago, i am from South America and English is my second language.
I got my degree from college and i got some certification to be able to find a job.
I was exhausted with the crazy hours at summarize it, i decided to have my own business.
I am working with a multilevel company, and i feel fantastic working in my own schedule, i am my own boss and free training.

Gary Lanza

Maria these are some very good advice for you. I have language problem as well. I am an American and my wife is Salvadoran but her English is quite good but my Spanish is not. I am learning. So language barrieris are hard to deal with. Try and find a job qhere they have both languages.

Twilight Princess

You can read and write English well. Why not

A. Go back to your country and take a bi-lingual job at a corporation. Often corporations overseas love it when their employees can read and write in English. You are pretty good.

B. Contact your college's Job placement office. Often your college has a job placement center that is available - usually they have an ESL center just for people like you.

C. Talk to your classmates. See if any of them have an in for you. :D

Douglas Berman

Sometimes in life we come across obstacles that can make one become very frustrated. In this case try to work with some non profit organization that can help provide help in finding employment.
As for your hearing impairment you maybe eligible for Disability. If so they do have a program once you are on it that help fiance your own business.
So look at your options and see which works best for you.

Kay Stone

Many libraries and churches offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for free or low cost. Most of these have a small group so you can get one-to-one training, which should be very helpful with your hearing impairment. Watch local news and talk shows which should also help you in how to phrase sentences in English. Go out with friends to social events where you have a chance to listen to others speaking English and join in to some of the conversations. Let everyone know that you are practicing your English skills, you will be surprised as to how many people will help you.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Check out they have a great staff,and jobs In Florida,If not check out the temp to hire agency's until you find something In your field,the good thing about woking In America Is you meet different people,and they can maybe help also.I moved to the U.S 40 years ago,and It's hard for everyone,not just those of us that are from different countries.But nevertheless the opportunity Is much better here than abroad,good luck hope this helps.

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Yes, to work in the USA you need to learn to speak English. Think if it like this IF I WENT TO WORK IN YOUR COUNTRY OF COURSE I WOULD NEED TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE, YES ???? I'm trying to be sarcastic or mean, it's just reality....But don't stop trying to learn English. .....✌

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A fellow Jobcaser

I am so sorry for your situation. I understand where your coming from because I work with many people who have a difficult time speaking clearly. But, the fact that they try is a plus. Questions are asked on how to pronounce words and sometimes even the definition but, that's fine because it makes for a more pleasant work place. Norma's suggestion is great as many others. Maybe in turn you can teach them your language.

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Hi Maria I'm George I'm 52 I would like to be your friend have coffee sometime on me email me your photo ok thanks

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Dear friend,
I agree, it's a hard time for us to live in this country...anyway, we have no chance...thank for your sharing the story...thank you so very much, friend !!

Akaeid Chalabee

Try applying to jobs which are seeking Spanish speaking/bi-lingual employees to get some business will find a lot.

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Well Welcome to America !. Sounds like you're doing what you need to & I know it's hard on you because of your disability. Is there any government assistance programs in your city ?. Sorry not familiar with Hollywood, FL. Please don't leave because of that, things are always tougher before they get better. Just gotta keep your head up & stay positive maybe someone out here had been through what you are going through just give them a chance to answer your message. I WISH you lots of LUCK It will ALL work out !. Good Luck & Keep in Touch :)

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Like I've already told countless people,try applying fir office manager at aspendental, there are offices across the nation..most managers came from cell phone stores,..since you actually have a degree in business,you'll have a better shot at getting hired. ...we have multiple people that have strong ascents, so you won't be judged so quickly. ..good luck

Vincent LynchUsflag

Maria..... I feel your pain and frustration. I have no experience or expertise in your needs area, but I just want to express my empathy for your situation. I would suggest you try to find a community group or organization that can help you learn the language. Perhaps a local community action agency or Goodwill group.
Wishing You the Best ... VKL

Aaron Langston

I'm saying go back to college again start over if your not ready go home that's all no trying to be smart but what else do you have but your self no one can hold your hand unless you marry wealthy

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The problem is that people have to be able to understand you and you need to understand their directions they give. There are lots of free English as a Second Language classes out there and possibly you could find a language lab to listen to American English. However, it sounds more like you have a verbal processing issue and a speech teacher could help you pronounce words correctly and so you would be understood better. These people are not cheap, but the benefits should be visible within a couple of months because they have the skills to narrow down your issue. Here's a website to get you started: By the way, you are not alone: there are plenty of PHDs out there.

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Have you tried to be a translator English/Spanish and/or Spanish/English? Or even tutor students in Spanish? I know your English is fine!

Kwang seog Choi , PMP

Dear Maria
I am the one who has same issues like you and it is so painful difficulty for me to get job here however I found something to help me improve my English speaking, it is joining Toastmasters club nearby and I have a lot of chance tolisten speech in English and to speak English too in front of people furthermore the enrollment fee is so cheap unbelievably , please google to find more information about toastmasters you will never regret what would you do

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Hello Maria,
Keep mastering the English language. You write it well. I know it's not going to be a burden for you to completely learn it.

Ruth DeShields

I understand you frustrated but don't allow these type of people to frustrated they have miss out you a blessing. I am told continually that they don't understand me. I only speak one language and it English one of most speaking language wide world but I don't let that frustrate me. You will find better opportunity hopefully soon. I will prayer for you.

Ernesto Matos

Hello Maria, I've worked in broward in Hollywood to be exact. Try the dealerships on 441 there's a few positions open for customer service reps, receptionists and also in accounting. Check first with Hollywood Chrysler. Bilingual is very helpful be confident don't worry about your English you'll be fine.

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Don't give up ....United States is the land of opportunity ... Keep on learning the language .sooner or later a manager will give you a job to excel... Hold your head up high... Pray to Jesus Christ to help get medical attention on your hearing priblems

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Yes actually hearing problem should t considering as a barrier to get a job. I hope you dont add this in your resumes. People and employers will use it to say we dont need you because of yourhealth issue. They might think you will use it against them one day...who knows? Ask for volunteering in an office or ask for help from the church . Believe me many employers can ive you few hours if you work for hem free. By the time find an other job in order to live like human and pay your bills. Ask from friends to help you. And the best scenario?? If you are brave enough move to an other state when you save money. I came in USA 3.5 years ago and Chicago is the third city i moved in..i was in Buffalo NY and Rochester NY a year in each city. Life is a trip...dont feel trapped.

ed boyiceUsflag

All I can say is for you to expand your horizon, you may not be able to find employment in the field of your training but you have a unique ability, you can speak more than one language. I am sure you will have no problem finding work with companies that need to be versitle, remember you are unique look in that direction.

Elizabeth Russo

Sweetest Maria...12 years is a long time. And, you haven't just been sitting around doing nothing. You've gotten an excellent education. It's obvious by the way you write. You have goals & they will come true--it's just taking a longer time because the job market is terrible right now. You're not alone Maria. There are so many people out of work with a job market that is shrinking not growing. You don't have to go back to your country. You can always apply for jobs online in your country. Since you read & write English now, it may help. You can apply online & see if you get any further. Potential employers whom are serious understand & they conduct telephone interviews. If ypure willing to relocate & the employer is serious sometimes they pay for you to travel to the in-person interview. It happened to me several years ago. However, please remember 12 years is a long time, you're not alone, & there are so many people without jobs. Like everyone else said, try & keep trying. Do not give up. Somehow & some way something will come through for you. Good luck & stay strong. Elizabeth

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Maria. I am also,from Central America and I would like to know where u live so maybe I be able to help you.

Brenda Shulka

Have you tried VIP services I heard that they help people with disabilities,they might be able to get your feet in the doors of companies so you can get the experience you need,may God bless you good luck

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I'm sad to report being in U.S. and in the workforce you will have to being able to speak the English language. The only thing I can think of is landing an interpretation position however that will depend on what your primary language is. Good luck.

Leobardo Sanchez

Hi Maria you don't need to go back to you county since allready here take what you have in your hand of course some times u have to start from the bottom to look for your chance mean time keep looking for what you want you got your degree that lots to more to do here don't leave usa this is your chance

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Hi Maria. I don't know where you live at in Florida, but ADT is looking for Spanish customer service representatives in Jacksonville. I don't know if you want to relocate or not, but if you do not mind relocating, you can use my name as an employee who referred you.

Ellie DiLorenzo

I will give you a chance in marketing. You actually have an advantage being bi-lingual in some cases. I think you should carry on, appreciate your job at Publix, and plug into activities that improve your language. I worked with hearing impaired before. Get help for that. And contact me. 617 470 1872 and leave txt because I will not answer if I don't know you. I plan to extend my marketing into Mexico and Need Spanish speaker.

Jack Nieporte

Plenty of jobs available for Bi lingual people at H&R Block and other companies. Big companies like Citi and others are always looking.

John Ridenhower

Are you legally allowed to work in the USA?

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Hello Maria!
Spanish facilitators as greatly Florida. Try schools where you could help translate for patent conferences, office needs and children.
It's worth a try. Have faith in your hard work
Translation would be valuable to those who"s first language is not English . There will be many chances to practice English as well. Best wishes!

Maria Guillen

Good idea!

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Hi Maria,
I can only offer that I appreciate your efforts and I know how frustrating it can be. I would suggest getting a job doing whatever you can, preferably where you can participate and hear English spoken. As someone else mentioned there is a lot of opportunity for Spanish speaking people in America. Don't give up, work steadily up to where you want to be.

Maria Guillen

Thank you so much!

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Dont give up, Pray to Jesus and find a good Church. There is help for You.

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Hi Maria, you said you have a hearing issue. Many people who have a hearing impairment also have issues speaking. That may be your issue. Your issues with the English language may be simple because you never heard it pronounced properly. I would suggest that you find online an avatar based Spanish to English translator and watch how the words are pronounced and try to copy it. I think it will help. Good luck!

Robin Baun

I would take every opportunity to speak to others in English and ASK them to correct you so you continue to learn the language. Refuse to speak any other language but English & you'll find you improve quickly. It's hard to get a job if you can't interview well enough.

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What kind of work did you do in Central America. Sounds like you could stay here and have your own micro business. A small business with a product you can sell either in the mall. A vendor booth or sell your product at QuikTrip. People like bananas and apples. Tell is what works for you. Sounds like you need a hearing aid. A computer with speech and hearing abilities on the computer can correct your spelling. Concerning the accounting the hearing blurs another person's speech when they talk to you. I wonder if Dell computers sells this device that can be added to your software on your computer. Go to Direct Buy a store that sells computer software. S Ball

Nolan Snell

Good idea. Go back.

Aaron Langston

ICU go here this will help

Aaron Langston

Remember its tough for us alone but don't understand why don't the ones that learned anything here go back to their country and teach them be their stepping stone be a teacher or a business owner change your people to new lessons that you learned in America you'll do well you'll be able to make a life creating new ideals

Maria Guillen

How they can help me?

Carmen Morales

Hola Maria, Aquí parece hay algunos en este foro que no quiere personas de otros países se levanten o cómo decir que sean exitosos en su carrera. Sigue adelante y práctica, práctica, práctica el inglés. Keep thriving!

Maria Guillen

Thank you.
Gracias Carmen! Asi es hay personas de aca que les molesta que nosotros queramos superarnos y salir adelante.