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Maria Guillen


Hello, I am from Centro America I came to this Country since 2005, I was 31 years old. Immediately I went to the Broward College to learn English, so I studied classes with credit in order to continue a career but I have a hearing problem that has been a barrier for me to understand completely the language and for this reason I could not find a right job for me, however I made three certificate in Bussines field and basic accounting at the Broward College, but I can't find a job to get experience, companies liked my resume, but any companies do not give the opportunity to demonstrate my capacities because I can't speak the language yet, so this has been hard for me, I am frustrated and sad. I feel capable to learn. I am hard worker, self motivated, and responsible person. Now I am thinking to come back to my country. Someone Can give me some advice? Thank you


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If speaking the language is holding you back, try to get more practice in. Meet up with some friends and make sure you only speak in English. It will really help.

Alexandra Reid

I’m curious because most job seekers that live within that area in FL claim they’re unable to find a job specifically because they can’t speak Spanish. You've been here 10 years. Do you have any type of job now? Getting certified in business and accounting courses is a tremendous accomplishment. If you’ve concluded from your career research information that the only way to get the ideal career opportunity is by mastering the English language then continue to focus on learning English first. Look for support services if you have a hearing impairment or find out if your hearing problem qualifies as a disability that can be protected by federal employment laws. It might take longer but it’s a more than possible dream to accomplish in the US. You can also look for volunteering opportunities in your desired field to get your foot in the door and prove you can do the job. Don’t give up!

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A fellow Jobcaser

Try applying to jobs which are seeking Spanish speaking/bi-lingual employees to get some business experience...numerous large corporations are always looking for interpreters for their customer service departments. Do not let yourself become discouraged as that is self defeating...join a reading group that allows you to speak at meetings and encourage friends to correct your English when you make a pronunciation mistake or are searching for the correct words to use...friends can be your best teachers and their constructive corrections are always in your best interest. Looking for a job is never easy these days even if you speak perfect english, so hang in there and continue to embrace learning the language. Good Luck Maria!!

Catie M.

Hi Maria,
I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. Also sorry I can't communicate in your language, I'm guessing it's Spanish? I actually grew up in Miami FL, and I'm quite surprised that you can't get work there because you can't speak fluent English. When I was there, I actually couldn't find a job because I couldn't speak Spanish. It's an awesome language, I'm just terrible at learning languages. Anyway, have you tried applying for jobs in Miami or Hialeah? The dominant language there (when I was there at any rate) is Spanish. From reading your post, you're English is actually pretty good :) I understood fully what you were talking about. Also, you could maybe try applying for government jobs or jobs specifically asking for bilingual applicants. I know right now there's a company in Kentucky looking for someone who is bilingual who can really work with the Hispanic populations. It's a crisis counseling position so you probably wouldn't be interested if you're an accountant, but try looking for jobs who are putting that emphasis on someone who is bilingual who can work primarily with Hispanic populations.
I really hope this helps a little. Good luck Maria!

Brian Stanley

Your situation seems more convoluted then just an issue with language. The first thing to consider is, do you in fact have the ability to work in the US? You never mention if you have a green card or visa. I believe the proper paper work will cause a bit of reluctance on the part of any employer from hiring you. Most companies who hire non-citizens are required to do so as a sponsor. Which will limit you to 5 years employment. Then too, reading your post it seems obvious you have a fairly strong grasp on English. So, the issue isn't your ability to speak or understand the language.

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A fellow Jobcaser

You can't lose focus , God brought you here for a reason keep your head up stay strong and Pray about this he will help you find your way.

J. Derricott

Go in to the Hotel and start at the front desk. It is better to get your foot in the door than to be waiting outside. Hurry up and put your past behind you and move forward with you educational goals. The right is out there you just have to go and get it. Apply and apply and keep applying for jobs.

Benjamin Korn

Maria your writing is actually pretty good for a non native speaker. There are jobs that require Spanish speaking. Many of these are social services that serve the Hispanic community. Look into the women's shelter, child care, drug and alcohol counseling--any kind of work that serves Spanish speakers. Good luck.

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I Right next better to return to your country.

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Maria no te rindas.Sigue buscando,pero hazlo como bilingual Spanish.Sigue practicando el idioma y busca practicar con personas que hablen inglés solamente..I have the same problems in Las Vegas,but no stop to looking job.

Dave Horton

I believe many companies have positions for Spanish speaking people and have transitional training to improve english skills this is my best advice to seek employment with these companies.

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Rosetta stone go to the nearest library they have audio Amazon online study sentences people's hand gestures body language and keep continuing to practice because if you don't apparently no one will speak to you and your situation try to put in an application for translation translator at a school Hospital Airport doctors office give that a shot because they always need someone even speak the language but you also got him prove your English is ok God bless take care. Eturnal Saga

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Hi..maybe you can go to career builder, indeed, or snag a job can help you find a way to get a job for yourself. Some other sites such as technorati or linked in ,are good news enough to have for websites to find employment. Also the department of labor is a plus for you to have as well. Apple one employment .com are good for people who are interested in secretarial work.

Stacy Staples

Look for jobs that want people that speak English & Spanish both. You get more money and it could really pay off.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Best answer you need to go back to were you came from 3/4 of America has never seen college and now you need help to continue living here its simple if you can't do it on your own you need to leave. This is your own problem ask your government for help since it was easy to get here and get the grants for college

Tayshawn Newby

Hey how are u I'm still in high school im a senior and I'm the same way call Lipton tea it a great job

Angela Perilli

I admire your drive!!!! Congratulations on completing your certifications!!!!!! Do you know how many jobs I could have gotten by now being in your shoes?! Being bilingual is next to a requirement in this day and age.
Have you considered marketing positions, call centers or even starting in a front desk/assistant position to be able to show them your abilities and be able to work your way up within?
It is SO hard and frustrating !!! I am a new college graduate also. I keep running into the lack of required experience also.
Is your school helping you at all find an entry level position? I know the school career services my school offers is complete junk; but worth a chance.

I know it varies by state, but check into government jobs for your area. Try to look on the internet for state jobs as well. Check all job sites, create a profile with your resume.I even look on Craigslist for employment.
I am sorry you and I are in a similar situation, it is not just you struggling . just try to be as patient and positive as possible.

Wendie Taber

You can also look for positions in your line of work where they need someone who is bilingual. You usually get paid a little more for knowing both languages. Continue to practice and work on your English.

Vadim Kodentsov

I have the same issue! I am new to the country, have a green card, speak English just a little but enough to understand. Have difficulty to find a job even with great experience in Russia, smart and handy. Discrimination? Looks like. Priority to Americans for sure with high school diploma. Master degree in any field from other counties are not enough. Sad!