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Maria Guillen


Hello, I am from Centro America I came to this Country since 2005, I was 31 years old. Immediately I went to the Broward College to learn English, so I studied classes with credit in order to continue a career but I have a hearing problem that has been a barrier for me to understand completely the language and for this reason I could not find a right job for me, however I made three certificate in Bussines field and basic accounting at the Broward College, but I can't find a job to get experience, companies liked my resume, but any companies do not give the opportunity to demonstrate my capacities because I can't speak the language yet, so this has been hard for me, I am frustrated and sad. I feel capable to learn. I am hard worker, self motivated, and responsible person. Now I am thinking to come back to my country. Someone Can give me some advice? Thank you


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Hi Maria. I don't know where you live at in Florida, but ADT is looking for Spanish customer service representatives in Jacksonville. I don't know if you want to relocate or not, but if you do not mind relocating, you can use my name as an employee who referred you.

Ellie DiLorenzo

I will give you a chance in marketing. You actually have an advantage being bi-lingual in some cases. I think you should carry on, appreciate your job at Publix, and plug into activities that improve your language. I worked with hearing impaired before. Get help for that. And contact me. 617 470 1872 and leave txt because I will not answer if I don't know you. I plan to extend my marketing into Mexico and Need Spanish speaker.

Jack Nieporte

Plenty of jobs available for Bi lingual people at H&R Block and other companies. Big companies like Citi and others are always looking.

John Ridenhower

Are you legally allowed to work in the USA?

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Hello Maria!
Spanish facilitators as greatly Florida. Try schools where you could help translate for patent conferences, office needs and children.
It's worth a try. Have faith in your hard work
Translation would be valuable to those who"s first language is not English . There will be many chances to practice English as well. Best wishes!

Maria Guillen

Good idea!

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Hi Maria,
I can only offer that I appreciate your efforts and I know how frustrating it can be. I would suggest getting a job doing whatever you can, preferably where you can participate and hear English spoken. As someone else mentioned there is a lot of opportunity for Spanish speaking people in America. Don't give up, work steadily up to where you want to be.

Maria Guillen

Thank you so much!

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Dont give up, Pray to Jesus and find a good Church. There is help for You.

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Hi Maria, you said you have a hearing issue. Many people who have a hearing impairment also have issues speaking. That may be your issue. Your issues with the English language may be simple because you never heard it pronounced properly. I would suggest that you find online an avatar based Spanish to English translator and watch how the words are pronounced and try to copy it. I think it will help. Good luck!

Robin Baun

I would take every opportunity to speak to others in English and ASK them to correct you so you continue to learn the language. Refuse to speak any other language but English & you'll find you improve quickly. It's hard to get a job if you can't interview well enough.

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What kind of work did you do in Central America. Sounds like you could stay here and have your own micro business. A small business with a product you can sell either in the mall. A vendor booth or sell your product at QuikTrip. People like bananas and apples. Tell is what works for you. Sounds like you need a hearing aid. A computer with speech and hearing abilities on the computer can correct your spelling. Concerning the accounting the hearing blurs another person's speech when they talk to you. I wonder if Dell computers sells this device that can be added to your software on your computer. Go to Direct Buy a store that sells computer software. S Ball

Nolan Snell

Good idea. Go back.

Aaron Langston

ICU go here this will help

Aaron Langston

Remember its tough for us alone but don't understand why don't the ones that learned anything here go back to their country and teach them be their stepping stone be a teacher or a business owner change your people to new lessons that you learned in America you'll do well you'll be able to make a life creating new ideals

Maria Guillen

How they can help me?

Carmen Morales

Hola Maria, Aquí parece hay algunos en este foro que no quiere personas de otros países se levanten o cómo decir que sean exitosos en su carrera. Sigue adelante y práctica, práctica, práctica el inglés. Keep thriving!

Maria Guillen

Thank you.
Gracias Carmen! Asi es hay personas de aca que les molesta que nosotros queramos superarnos y salir adelante.