Looking for an homebased job!

Hi everyone! I'm Dolly from the Philippines and a newbie here. I joined this platform because i knew it will be a great help for me to find a home based job. It's been 7 months since i resigned from my previous work as a secretary in a garments factory. Working there for a year and a half i learned a lot. But because of my youngest son, being maltreated by his NAN i am forced to resigned to look for them. I do studied and research about home based job and i found this very interesting. That's why my partner and i decided to set up my own PC and installed an internet connection to start up. During my first hunt, i thought i was lucky enough because i got hired as an appointment setter right away. They said the salary was every end of the month so i took the risk. But when end of the month came, and i was asking my salary they kept saying excuses like next week and another next week again but i still worked because i trusted them. Until one day they blocked me and can't find anymore. Sad experience on a first try but I am not loosing hope that there are still good people all over. I hope in this platform i can find a decent job that will help me earn so i can help my partner and be able to send my daughter to college this coming school year..Thank you so much..




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