I wish every day could be Thanksgiving so that we can constantly remind ourselves of everything that we should be grateful for. It’s easy to take our lives for granted and forget about others who are not as fortunate.

I personally want to express how grateful I am for everyone in this Jobcase community. The advice and emotional support that each of you provide makes such a difference to others out there that have nowhere else to turn. You seldom get recognize for the time you take to help a stranger. Yet, you do it anyways. Thank you.

I’m also grateful for all the hard workers out there that make the holidays possible. Thank you to all the seasonal retail workers and those of you in the service industry for working the hours that are spent away from your families. Cheers to all the medical professionals keeping the sick healthy. Thank you to everyone representing the military, law enforcement, and first responders for keeping us all safe.

Kindness, love, dedication, and sacrifice - that is what makes us all beautiful people and I am grateful that so many of us have not forgotten these values despite the hard times that we encounter.

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