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Nicholle Sweat
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Service Coordinator at Mhmr Tarrant County

So I got hired for this company and I was required to do a hair follicle drug test where they cut my hair. So I took the test a week ago Monday and today they call me and say the company that did my test doesn't show they have my results or that I came in??? WTH?? Good thin I got a copy of what I signed. So I sent a copy to the lady who called me. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Am I going to have to do this again? I dont want to cut my hair again! If so can I request a pee test instead? Do I have rights??

over 4 years ago
Elyssa Duncan
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Community Specialist

Ugh, I'm sorry Nicholle Sweat ! What a frustrating situation. Typically, jobs will require a hair follicle drug test versus a urine drug test due to the window of detection. A hair test is the only test that can detect repeated drug use up to 90 days prior.

You may be able to call and ask your employer if they'd allow a urine sample instead. If not, you may ask the person administrating the test to take a few strands from various parts of the scalp to prevent any potential bald spots.

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