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We all want to be successful in our journey to finding a job, but sometimes the road feels long and never-ending. Help yourself improve with these 5 tips that successful job seekers do! : )

They are willing to improve
Successful job seekers recognize that there’s always room for improvement! Be on the lookout for constructive feedback, and find ways to incorporate it into your job seeking efforts! Remember that if friends/family, recruiters or hiring managers share feedback where you could use improvement they are only trying to help. It’s important to learn from others and their experiences!

They understand that no job is 100% perfect
Try to set your sights on securing a job offer in which you would generally enjoy going to work every day, and would also have the opportunity to develop professionally and acquire new skills. Don’t necessarily turn something down because it doesn’t sound interesting or is in your exact field of work. Open your eyes to new opportunities, you never know where they may lead.

They are wary of a slow hiring process and always are on the lookout
When you are waiting to hear back from an employer, most times no news is usually bad news. Always be looking for jobs even after your interview is over. If you follow up and you are still met with silence after a week it’s best to move on. If they are interested they will definitely reach out. Just know that if employers are serious, they tend to move quickly.

They put in the time
During your job search be meticulous in how you research, identify, and contact promising employers. You will have better results if you concentrate on a few great opportunities and understand what’s most important to each hiring employer, versus being all over the place. Then be sure to customize your application materials and take the time to prepare for each interview. This way they will realize that you’ve done your due diligence and will know exactly what you bring to the position.

They find a happy medium
During an interview, you should find a happy medium between too informal (as if you’re talking to a stranger) and too formal (as if you are reading from a script). Be sure to pause thoughtfully before answering questions, adopt a good flow in a conversational style, be a good listener, and ask questions at the end (have those ready to go).

Do YOU have something that worked great for you during the job hunt?

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