Elizabeth Cornell
9 months ago

Something great I learned at my job was

I would love to see more families making use of the library. We are constantly reviewing books, removing older books, adding new books. I wanted to start children’s programs. I’m working on a CAGS in Arts Leadership at PSU, and this seemed a great opportunity to begin an after school program. This is a challenge with our hours: we are open Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday late afternoons, and as of September 2019 Sunday afternoons.
We succeeded in December to have a STEAM program for children ages k-2. I worked with the Warren Village School principal and children were able to take the bus to the library with their family’s permission.
While music from Annie the Musical played in the background, with books about electricity and the depression, and photos of 1930s-40s Plymouth, NH, the children learned about electricity and created art projects that they illuminated with their new understanding of electric circuits. Their work will be displayed at the ETC Production of Annie the Musical, this January.

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