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Fred Goff

Hey Troy, Welcome to jobcase - love the attitude! As a start what can you do to doctor up your profile a bit? Have you had any jobs yet to include? What about volunteer gigs (sometimes what you have achieved volunteering can show employers the value you might bring even better than past work experience). Also we include the praise buttons - dirt simple, just click and well send a message to friends/family, past coworkers, teachers, etc. who will support you. People with lots of praises tend to get looked at and considered more by prospective employers than not. Anyways - we have some simple tools that might show you in better light and its always accessible with a few taps on your phone for whenever you run into somebody who knows of an opportunity for you to send it off to. In the meantime, best way to find opportunities is to 1) set up some informational interviews with people who are doing things that you think look interesting. Asking them to meet to give you some advice about what they do and how you might get on a similar path is something that most people will respond favorably to, and you never know where it might lead. The other thing is to reconnect with people who might point you in a good direction (any teachers, ministers, others). Finally, if there aren't many prospects and your trying to figure out the right road - I do suggest figuring out a good place to volunteer (special olympics, boys club, etc.). First this will really help you stay positive because your time will be spent in such a constructive way, second its a great place to meet people who probably have lots of connections in their day jobs that might help you out in your discovery too.

Hope this helps, just shooting from the hip here which is a bit tough on a very open question. But overall its an exciting time for you. It'll all be good and you've got right attitude and objectives. Just try to narrow them in a bit through an active discovery process over next couple months. Once its a clearer focus - I bet lots of other Jobcasers can start to help find the right connections for you! Good luck and thanks for being part of the community! Fred

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