Would never work there ever

I thought my interview went well, the. HR lady made a excuse and left the room, the hiring manager then proceeded to ask me inappropriate questions such as when I was gonna to retire! I am 52 and have 15 years yet. Followed by more age based questions. HR lady came back and he shut right up, like it was planned. After the interview there was a “test” where you put a spring in a hole and put a couple pieces in he demonstrated it. There was no hole. I felt with tweezers and no hole he didn’t allow me a flashlight to see what I was doing and I told him I was diabetic and was shaking because I needed to get my blood sugar higher so the shaking stops. He ignored and with no hole and shaking and never done it before of course I failed. They lied to me and Treated me without respect for my condition. Glad I didn’t get hired.

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