Brylan Leviston
over 6 months ago

Creative Leader Seeking Advice for Changing Industries

I am looking to change industries career wise. I have always wanted to pursue a career in art, however given timing, resources, and support, I've never been able to do so until recently.

About 2 years ago, I quit teaching middle and high school visual arts and decided to try and gain employment as a graphic or visual designer. I've spent many years honing my skills immensely in order to compete with professionally trained artists. I am finally confident with my abilities and feel my portfolio can match someone with this level of experience, however I can barely get employers to view my portfolio. My works have been featured in major publications, I've been a culinary chef, painted large murals and I learn very quickly regardless of the industry or task, but I cannot seem to even get an interview or persuade people of my abilities. I've applied to well over 1000 jobs this year alone. I have had quite a bit of formal education including post graduate work (3 degrees) but I cannot afford to go back to school for additional training (and to be frank, college/univ. degrees aren't worth it at times). I self taught myself graphic design with over 10 years of personal experience, and plenty of freelance work so I have many examples of my capabilities and range.

Does anyone have any helpful advice regarding breaking into the art and design industry without additional schooling? I have multiple formats of resumes, creative out of the box styles and traditional formats as well. Your advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks to all who help in advance!

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