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Finding the right job

Okay, here's the deal. Please instead of going on multiple websites or spending countless hours online, drive to find locations that can suit your needs.

Write a list of your skill set and then determine what you like to do best. Spend time out, venturing in areas that you have never gone to and eventually, even accidentally, perhaps you might find something unexpected.

So for example, I had initially applied online to several locations. It didn't work. So I changed my strategy, I actually went to places, I even went as far as places in the Carolinas, even further south and I determined all of the various possibilities. I also studied the areas and mission statements of places of employment alongside the cultures. For example, I snowboard, so I looked into places that I would be able to snowboard and work simultaneously. I am a registered nurse, I physically drive to so many hospitals all over the US. I am also and have been in management, I don't feel like being in management so I chose not to pursue those things. I am also a highly educated teacher, I decided that because teachers don't get the recognition coupled by the disparity in both literacy and other factors that I didn't want to do that at this current time. I looked into so many things, even being a nanny, if I wanted to pursue my doctorate degree.

After gathering information and after being offered different positions, I was able to select what was best.

It is Not always about how much a company is going to pay an employee. Please remember that businesses are hiring someone that they feel is an investment. If you owned a company, wouldn't you do the same?

So therefore this is my advice, take it or leave it...(my advice).... it is imperative that you select the best area that is suitable for you and your situation. If you find yourself in this website all too much while looking for encouragement, you are wasting time when it could be productive.

If I was an owner of a profitable business, and if I had to select prospective employees, do you honestly think I am going to make a decision or judgement call on what all you people are saying or complaining about? Yes. I can tell you right now, those of you that choose to swear and make negative comments, I would not hire at all.

Do you think as an owner, that I would want to employ an individual who cannot articulate something that's important? That's obvious once again. No, I personally would not, not if I was looking for someone to be the first person greeting my customers in the morning.

If I was hiring laborers for a construction company, I want to know the skill set and how efficient and how well someone calculated math appropriately.

Each position requires a specific skill set and honestly no employer that I know want to hire the complainer or the person that gossips or the person that can be someone who has been involved with sexual harassment or those that have stalked other employees. Why would a company want that? The point is that they wouldn't.

Please don't swear on this website, it's very unprofessional. Please instead of saying that you've applied to hundreds of places and are getting discouraged, go to these places instead of wasting time on this forum.

If you are out of work, look for volunteer opportunities OR if you are fortunate enough apply for financial aid or grants to go back and further your education, look into other schools besides colleges and universities if you are able to do so. Other schools such as two year colleges have the same professional teachers as a four year university. Technical schools such as the technical high schools offer skilled training and cost 1/2 or 3/4 the amount of other privately owned corporations paying into our state.

If there is a need to ask for advice, sometimes it can be more effective personally speaking to someone rather than posting on this forum.

I wish everyone the best of luck on their job search, however, always keep in your brain that companies do not want to hire negative people, they also don't want to hire people that also throw their "boss" under the table. That in itself is 100 percent unprofessional.

If your not getting a job, it's NOT YOU PERSONALLY, the fact is that you haven't looked into other ways of finding the right place to work.

Good luck! Please don't bother commenting on my comment because I am getting off this website as soon as I have the availability to do so. Thanks and have a nice day everyone!

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Lenin Pina

Absolutely Fantastic alternative job search strategy suggestions Rebecca Ruopp . There's lot of gems here. I hope other members take advantage and apply some of these strategies to their current job search process. Thanks for sharing

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