Judy Griffin
over 6 months ago

#New hire #Welcome #Leave of Absence

Started orientation for a job that I had already been working an entire year, through a contract. Company nor contract staffing agent never offered an end date and staffing agent did not seem to have an idea. As it come upon being in this position close to a complete year, I received an company email at my desk. Subject reads "New Hire information". I did assume. Next week email arrived "Welcome...Please complete paperwork and return." Followed by you must have PPD/Chest xray. Their service was not as attentive to my needing to get this medical requirement accomplished for this job as a new hire, however others were helpful in my accomplishment. Mission accomplished, I thought. I asked will my pay rate increase as a new hire. The verbal reply was "no". I asked will I be subjected to go through 90 day probation period. Reply is "Yes". I've literally worked hard, started the job hitting the ground running. Working deligently ever since. Until orientation. None of the paperwork stated the pay rate of position. Second day of orientation a representative awaits the new hire group to discuss money "saving retirement plan" options. I listened. I declined. That session was followed by another session of a staff member reading through a booklet of information for each pay period a deducted amount for health care, amount for health plan savings, amount for vision, dental, accidental insurance, long term and short, each. And of course life ins deduction. Get fired,byou gets nothing back. I declined that, too. I have NOT receive a first paycheck from the company, yet. Why give up money like that and I have no idea what my pay will look like. For all I know they may shock me and only pay 7.75 an hour. I don't know. I do not know what happen or who said what, but another session began of entering a ton of personal info into computer ...followed by only me summoned to a meeting in an H.R. office, "I was accused of being rude. I made facial expressions." I know when I am spoken to, I give my attention, just like the others in attendance. I am an adult. A respectful adult. I was reluctant on signing anything I did not understand, I asked a question or 2. I was not interested in contributing any monies all at once, and I was politely seated the whole time, beside a person with a swelly body stinch...I cannot say that I caused any problems. Though I did apologise in H.R. mtg for any misinterpretations. ( I thought to myself "why am I apologising?") I had worked with this company for a decade a few years ago. So, this is not my first rodeo. I am older, wiser and know to expect anything. After ALL of that, I'm told they need to check my previous employment there, reason I left and talk to CEO. That was determined when I went to the job under contract. I was told that "I may be ineligible for rehire." I say "really?" I was told "You take a leave of absence." We will call you in a few days." I left, not uttering a word with new badge and all. Why not request badge(s) & materials to remain on premises? Save me a trip. Seems crazy. Some faces changed but not the game. Was that my vacation? Omg. What am I suppose to think of this business? What do some of you Job Casers think of this? _●/????? _/\

Ashley Wilson

I personally would start to look around for new opportunities JUST in case! Judy Griffin It sounds like they cannot get their hiring process down or their story straight!