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Erikka Gates


Hi I have recently worked as a sales development Rep and am finding it very hard to seek other employment that's not just based off of commission. Any suggestions?


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Commission sucks just don't go to Wal-Mart.......

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There's a lot of what you do in your current job that translates well to sales. If you haven't worked on a commission basis and haven't been used to supporting yourself on this pay structure it can be a rude awakening.
To give yourself some view of the realities of commission selling, you should get a part time commission only sales position to gain the experience they are looking for. People who haven't worked for commission most times don't realize the time it takes to actually see the cash in your pocket. Building a nest egg to live on while learning the ropes of the new commission job would be highly recommended too.

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If you are assertive, discipline and focus, can comprehend and communicate your point across to others I would look for a company that can train selling computer software or other products as others have suggested to you. Above all an education is best but if you can afford it; have a company train you to become someone and in 2 years you should be way better than where you are now if you apply yourself. Assess yourself and find out what is it you want for you. What are your career goals and aspirations i.e. settle down and start a family, have a 9 to 5 job so that you can be home with family or friends, own your business; these questions are important to you in defining who and what you want to become. They're are many companies that need good sales representatives even in Kansas and many more food/restaurant chains that need good managers. These manager can make anywhere from $50K to $100+. It is up to you Ms. Gates. The ball is in your court.

Richard Lucia

You need to move up the food chain and apply to sales jobs that require you selling value and not just a commodity. Any job that pays commission only will also go away once the company figures out how to go online and create a shopping cart.
Looking for a sales job is a lot like shopping for clothes. If you go to Walmart or Target you can be assured of a certain lower quality and price point. But if you shop at Nortroms or Macy's the product will be different.
Sales positions are a function of your view of your self worth. Maybe it's time to upgrade your self image and wardrobe

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Hi Erikka,

I have a little experience in sales, but not much. The little experience I have was all in 100% commission jobs except a brief position in retail before I went back to school for my masters in accounting. If you want to get away from commission based positions I would suggest switching gears and looking for a marketing position. You'd get to utilize many of the same skills that made you awesome in sales but the pay would be more consistent and reliable. Best of luck to you.


Apply at Home Depot outside sales or empire today. Or perhaps a route sales job?They have six week training salary to get you started plus perks . If sales is your forte that should launch you

John Hensley

I have worked commission only sales for years. It is extremely difficult to start unless you have an established client base. Since 2010 I have noticed more salary plus commission opportunities. is a good source for what your looking for.

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Since the Global Crisis of 2009/10 sales jobs in particular have either remained in wage stagnation or they have dropped the base altogether. ...despite reports to the contrary the economy has yet to bounce back and commissions only positions are on the rise ...The true worker is still paying for the massive bailouts which only the top 1% benefited from and continue to do so...don't be fooled commissions only are the scraps left over in a market bent on eliminating a certain worker element...that is, the unemployed with no net's tragic yet deliberate. ...

Michael Algieri

We are in the same exact boat. Making a LinkedIn profile has helped, but after being in sales/marketing job for over 15 years I wouldn't even consider a position without a salary & commission. Good luck

Cedric Lockhart

I would say try kelly services. Their a staffing agency that hires for call center and customer service jobs/positions. Alot of those places have base pay plus commision. I hope this is helpful. Goodluck