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Erikka Gates


Hi I have recently worked as a sales development Rep and am finding it very hard to seek other employment that's not just based off of commission. Any suggestions?


Rachel Nixon

i have not worked in sales other than retail (non commission retail)

but i would think that that is a big problem with the sales industry

sometimes people will pay a base pay and then commission on top of that, have you found any positions like that?

you could also look more toward marketing stuff?

William Fauquier

I have hourly plus commissions or Tips and hourly available.
Where do you live?

Erikka Gates

In Kansas your more than welcome to message me more Info!

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It really depends on the company, most Sales Rep positions will provide a base salary plus commission. Salaries can and will fluctuate depending on industries, compare regions and what reps are being compensated. But never accept a position which offers 100% Commission!

Vince L. DeSalvo




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Stop selling your services. You don't help by offering feathers in the wind. These people are looking for jobs to sell and not from you. Get lost.

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I found it easier to actually seek out the companies I wanted to work for and apply directly. Most of those companies don't use common recruiting sites because its an expense and they get a bunch of people who are unqualified. Also look at LinkedIn. Great business networking site.

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Apply for Business Development reps, outside sales reps, sales reps, account rep positions. Set up LinkedIn profile & ho for it. They r there. Email the recruiters

Steve Landsberg

It seems to be the norm with many companies at the moment. Keep sending out your resume and try to avoid ads the specify commission only. Also, apply directly to companies not just the job of luck!


I'm sorry I'm in construction labor looking for a chef job but what is a sales development rep?

Neal Yeagley

There are some out there that includes an hourly wage and commission on top of the hourly wage. Yes I do agree that it is getting a lot tougher out there to find a sales job without commission pay. When you Google work for salesman, put in there that you're looking for a sales position with a guaranteed hourly rate plus commission. Good luck

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Hi Erikka, im in same situation traying fit in other fill love work help others social worker is my passion some how got inn to retail business now im here hoping tha great opportunity where i can share my experience in wath i love to do. Good luck

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A fellow Jobcaser

OK yes Ms. Gates I took the time to ask a sales lady with Macy's and a long term sales supervisor for Kmart for yrs. She said that your position was a made up position just to accommodate you and when you leave it goes with you. She suggests that you are young and still have a great chance get a full degree. Macy's, Sears, Walmart, and Target along with Kohls are closing stores and laying off staff. Upgrade you skills and be competitive. Sales ain't no career move.

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Sales ain't no career move. Get in the world! How do you think money is made, if not for selling ?

Dave Horton

I believe you came to this job by way of standard wage practices walk this back and find your success, I work for a company that does have a sales unit very effective and rewarding but is seasonal I don't work in that unit and they treat me well.

Demetrick Baker

Try exploring other fields temporarily.when time is right all the right doors will open

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A fellow Jobcaser

Lets try taking your butt to school. Soon you'll be temporary out of a job. Then you'll be on job case with desperation in your feed. GO TO SCHOOL OR JOIN THE MILITARY till you settle in for the educational system. But there is no win here for you.....

Roger Grant

Without knowing your qualifications (education, work history, etc.), it's impossible to provide specific advice. Having said that, large companies always need sales help and pay salaries, commission and benefits. If you have solid qualifications, contact companies such as AT&T, Verizon, IBM, Dell, etc. In Kansas, Sprint would be another possibility. Good Luck!

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Ms/ Gates, perhaps your positive energy and attitude may appreciated at a given real estate title company in your given area as either a marketing associate, escrow associate or other related customer service roll. Don't limit yourself because there are many customer service positions that I bet you would be GREAT at doing.

Susan Miller

Hi Erika,

I have worked in sales for 20yrs now and 90% of my positions included a base salary plus commission, however that is by my choice. the positions i held with a base salary was with a very minimal base salary say around $20k- $25k base depending on your geographical area, and a decent commision rate, usually with a car and cell phone reimbursed as well. A base is avery nice safety net, but if you are gonna work sales, you shouldnt be relying on your base. the real income is made from the commission. i opted to work more base plus commission not bc of the base, it is more about the benefits for me and the majority of straight commission sales offers no benefits but the commission rates are much higher. I have worked a total 100% commission based job as well, but that is really running your own company when it comes down to it and it is feast or famine. if you are willing to put in the time to build your own business and keep excellent records, manage your own taxes and typically expenses, then this can be a very lucrative way to go given you have found the right products or services to sell. it has to be something you really believe in and get behind as well or your success will be limited in any sales position. keep in mind too there are many different base plus salary commission structures out there such as a draw option. you need to find what will work best for your needs. I would start looking at some of the bigger corporations in your area to see what they have available as most larger companies offer some type of base, benefits, and commission. good luck and hope this helps.

William Agnew

Susan, you look like you're good at sales!

David Kass

Ericka, I have been approached many times in the last few years by ins. co.'s seeking to hire me to sell their products on a commission only basis. I always tell theem the same thing i.e I did not go to college get certified as an accountant and then go to law school to sell insurance and annuities. You need to have some concrete skills you can market. One possibility is bookeeping take bookeeping courses. Other possibilites are cout reporting or learning programming languages so you can write apps for companies. Thene you will get a salary not just commission.
David Kass

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A fellow Jobcaser

David Kass not only are you impressive but you smart...... I agree with this alternative you posted. Good job.... Dam good thinking.

Ronald Maher

Hello Erikka,
There is a distinct difference between a Sales Development Rep and a Business Developer. The key is finding a Business that you are passionate about and confident enough in your skill set that you don't worry about getting paid more than you generally would just getting a minimal base to help another Company develop. Ignore Sales Development Rep ads that state 100% commission. I've been self employed 1099 commission based in several opportunities that I chose. Let me give you an example: 1) Look for financially strong companies that are just as interested in helping you develop your own base Business as Partnering with you automatically helps their business grow as well. These companies generally provide you with paid training, I Pads, phones etc., all the materials that are needed as if this was your start up Company. I just did this with a company that paid my airfare, a week at Embassy Suites, top of the line IPad, all Brochures, already loaded software program to expedite my ability to get home and hit the road running. Every aspect involved in running a successful business were provided by the home office support staff and I invested nothing. A good company will assure you the quickest compensation payout allowing financial success to keep you motivated. When you get a job, your initial pay is not seen for 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, including the week out of town, my first direct deposit was over $3000 and in two months $22,000, they pay weekly. I just found another company at 1099 where the full cycle turn around pay is 8 days and then they deposit daily. These are not Network Marketing Companies. Many Fortune 500 Companies have begun outsourcing specific areas of their Company that they see as a drain on their resources. There are many outsourcing additional Business Development programs that are increasing their New Business Flow and their focus is on Product Quality& Design, running analytics, staying in tune with the Technological changes and top of the line customer service.
The entire factor involves your own confidence level. You look young, and maybe you're not their yet, which is fine, don't jump until your ready. However, I've never been a fan of sitting around allowing any Company or Individual to determine my value. Is every jump going to be a winner, yes, if you do your homework and don't think, but know whatever opportunity you choose is going to be a winner. Beats sitting around waiting on your phone to ring. Admittedly, this course is not for the faint of heart, but if that's the case, you shouldn't be a Business Developer to begin with. Good Luck!

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Yes just keep looking!!!! If you are a believer remember God got us. He orders our steps even with looking for a job. I been there having only commisssion jobs. And I lived off of it. I'm not where I want to be but I'm still grateful for what I have right now. Cause it will come if u keep looking. Old saying seek & you will find.

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When you go on your next sales interview, remember that you are negotiating. I've been tops in sales in my profession and I have hired and managed division sales forces. When I interview candidates I look for confidence, professionalism, do all the dress and etiquette stuff, take notes, ask questions, do the research, but most importantly, tell them what you want. Negotiate a higher base salary at first. Be willing to walk away. show them your worth it. And follow up immediately and often as you would a potential sale client. I always hired that person. And sometimes I had to get more salary for that person. There are companies hiring young people all the time to train and groom to sell their products. If you have the skill set, there are endless sales opportunities. Might have to move.

Laura Ball

I honestly can not help you. I am having the exact same problem.

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Commission sucks just don't go to Wal-Mart.......

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There's a lot of what you do in your current job that translates well to sales. If you haven't worked on a commission basis and haven't been used to supporting yourself on this pay structure it can be a rude awakening.
To give yourself some view of the realities of commission selling, you should get a part time commission only sales position to gain the experience they are looking for. People who haven't worked for commission most times don't realize the time it takes to actually see the cash in your pocket. Building a nest egg to live on while learning the ropes of the new commission job would be highly recommended too.

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If you are assertive, discipline and focus, can comprehend and communicate your point across to others I would look for a company that can train selling computer software or other products as others have suggested to you. Above all an education is best but if you can afford it; have a company train you to become someone and in 2 years you should be way better than where you are now if you apply yourself. Assess yourself and find out what is it you want for you. What are your career goals and aspirations i.e. settle down and start a family, have a 9 to 5 job so that you can be home with family or friends, own your business; these questions are important to you in defining who and what you want to become. They're are many companies that need good sales representatives even in Kansas and many more food/restaurant chains that need good managers. These manager can make anywhere from $50K to $100+. It is up to you Ms. Gates. The ball is in your court.

Richard Lucia

You need to move up the food chain and apply to sales jobs that require you selling value and not just a commodity. Any job that pays commission only will also go away once the company figures out how to go online and create a shopping cart.
Looking for a sales job is a lot like shopping for clothes. If you go to Walmart or Target you can be assured of a certain lower quality and price point. But if you shop at Nortroms or Macy's the product will be different.
Sales positions are a function of your view of your self worth. Maybe it's time to upgrade your self image and wardrobe

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Hi Erikka,

I have a little experience in sales, but not much. The little experience I have was all in 100% commission jobs except a brief position in retail before I went back to school for my masters in accounting. If you want to get away from commission based positions I would suggest switching gears and looking for a marketing position. You'd get to utilize many of the same skills that made you awesome in sales but the pay would be more consistent and reliable. Best of luck to you.


Apply at Home Depot outside sales or empire today. Or perhaps a route sales job?They have six week training salary to get you started plus perks . If sales is your forte that should launch you

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I have worked commission only sales for years. It is extremely difficult to start unless you have an established client base. Since 2010 I have noticed more salary plus commission opportunities. is a good source for what your looking for.

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Since the Global Crisis of 2009/10 sales jobs in particular have either remained in wage stagnation or they have dropped the base altogether. ...despite reports to the contrary the economy has yet to bounce back and commissions only positions are on the rise ...The true worker is still paying for the massive bailouts which only the top 1% benefited from and continue to do so...don't be fooled commissions only are the scraps left over in a market bent on eliminating a certain worker element...that is, the unemployed with no net's tragic yet deliberate. ...

Michael Algieri

We are in the same exact boat. Making a LinkedIn profile has helped, but after being in sales/marketing job for over 15 years I wouldn't even consider a position without a salary & commission. Good luck

Cedric Lockhart

I would say try kelly services. Their a staffing agency that hires for call center and customer service jobs/positions. Alot of those places have base pay plus commision. I hope this is helpful. Goodluck