govt shutdown

I was a Fed Govt contractor before the furlough. My boss asked me to sign a Non compete for 2 years - right smack dab in the middle of this shutdown....or not renew my contract. What was I to do??? I havent made a cent not one penny since the shutdown and I have 30 years in my why kick someone when they are already am I to feed my family, work , pay my I told her I wasn't going to sign it....I needed to work and pay bills - she even asked for my Fed Govt ID ( you know they are donating food, offering zero interest loans, deferring your bill payments, etc) - BUT YOU MUST SHOW YOUR FED GOVT ID!!!!!!! I am now looking for a jib...interviewing with the competition tomorrow ( the have a commercial non Fed Govt dept)
I spoke with the SBA and they said what she is doing is not illegal - only unethical.

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