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Molly Cope
Molly Cope 11 mth


I have been finding it extremely difficult finding employment after 10 years of being a stay at home mom. I either don't have enough experience or, my applications are being skipped because lack of recent work history. I can't even get hired to stock shelves. This is so frustrating.


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A lot has changed in the employment community over the last 10 years Molly. Job seekers today need online application skills to successfully get their resume information in front of human eyes. You need to be able to clearly and convincingly articulate your skills and career in order to have a small chance at landing even an entry level job. Do you have a resume? Don't go it alone. Take a step back and get professional career help to improve you chances. The Career One Stop website has a directory of local career services, job fairs, and other support organization. I suggest you call today and make an appointment for a one on one consult.

Morgan Hanson

Maybe you can try to do some temp jobs and gain some good experience. Also, you can use all your stay at home mom experience to your benefit too. Keep pushing forward and I know you'll find something!

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The right opportunity will arive at the right time for you, just believe in yourself and stay determined and trust me you will end up with the job you desire.

Molly Cope

I have done everything pretty much online; apps, submitted resumes, etc. Even to temp agencies to no avail. It's just frustrating and quite honestly, it brings me down and makes me doubt my capabilities even more. I'm divorced now and I need to be able to become self-sufficient but, no one wants to even give me a chance.

Elizabeth Fisher

Been there. The best advice I can give is go through a temp agency. I was a military spouse so I had gaps in my work history you could drive a tank through especially after our daughter was born. A Temp agency can market you and get you the interviews. The computer algorithms recruiters use these days cut a lot of good workers out of the interview pool because we are honest and don't pack our resumes with buzz words.

Molly Cope

I've submitted my resume and applied to at least a half dozen temp agencies. It's not working. Grrrrrrrr