Alfonso Martinez

So, I must send out a warning to all of you who are contemplating getting what is owed to you from the Social Security program, " Do Not do it online!" Reason

Number 1: The site does not fully answer your questions even though they show some references!

Number 2: once you file that's it! No turning back. Once you post that information, you cannot change it. That is why you should go to your nearest SS office an do it in front of a person that can answer your questions as you file!

Number 3: I was born in 55, this year I will be 63, my true retirement age to get full benefits is 66, 2 months. If I file today, it is less then what the full percentage is and that's it, If I retire at age 70, I get even more every month. This is all given to you through the website however, it is not fully disclosed to you about the information inbetween the lines! Again, file at the SS office!

Number 4: You must ask about what types of numbers they take away from you when you file and if you have a job, unemployed, self-employed and so on. It is imperative you ask those questions as it will save you grief! Do not file on-line! Bite the bullet and go to your nearest office! And yes, take book, you cannot take food or water, you are there for quite a while so make sure your phone is fully charged, an you can't talk on the phone in there, but your can surf the web.

There is so much more to this, but please, know this, it is a good thing, and it is a bad thing. Good if you can live off of what they give you, bad thing if you can't and need to have a job, as long as you make under $1420 a month you are safe, anything over you loose some $$$.

Good luck to any of you thinking about this retirement road! And once again,do not do it online! Go to the nearest office!

God bless you all,

about 4 years ago
Lenin PinaCommunity Specialist
Community Specialist

As we continue to place more reliance on digital processing for everything important in life that needs to get done this is very useful information to Alfonso Martinez . How did you learn about this? It seems strange the Social Security Administration would allow such an ineffective SS online claim process.