in debt because of my job

I have been with my company for 3 years. I went out oh short term disability and they took their time paying out so I fell behind on my bills. I went back to work once cleared to return. My husband got sick and needed to have surgery abt 2 months after I returned to work. I qualified for paid time off through my job . All forms were complete and turn in. After being off for 2 weeks on the day I was to return my job calls and tells me I didn't qualify. I asked why are you just now informing me of this after me being off. They gave no explanation just an lame apology. The next day while at work they call again and say they made an mistake and I did qualify. I did not receive payment until the end of the month after I refused to come in because I had no $$$ to pay childcare. I have fallen so far behind trying to catch up on my bills its frustrating and I fell like what's the point in working because I'm now living pay check to paycheck trying to catch up.

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