I need 2019 to be somewhat a good year.

I'm 25 yrs old my mother had me start workin 14 yrs old 6 flags and then 16 Workin 2 jobs I graduated with a 4.0 had a scholarship to University of Oregon for track. I dislocated my knee so I couldn't go anymore 2012 had a child 2014 had another child 2016 my mother died that's why I became homeless living out my car for 2 years I lost my kids on false allegations from my so-called loving sister I ended up finally moving into my apartment October 2017 I ended up having my son who is now 10 months I had him and they just recently took him October 2018 with his grandma so I'm fighting to get him back right now I had my license as I was 15 someone use my information and got my license taken so it's very hard to prosper without transportation and relying on people I need a job so I can get my life back together and get my kids but it's very hard being a two-time felon I wish for everyone to have the best 2019 year that they deserve good luck. Never understand why life is so messed up and git bad after mother dying ...

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