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Milica Miljkovic
Bullet point

After a very successful 15+ years career in casino business ( table games), I felt that it was time to look for some stability and a normal schedule in life. I got tired of working graveyard shifts, holidays, weekends etc.... And last year in February of ‘19, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and go back to school. I enrolled into a program for Administrative Medical Assistant, which lasted for 7 months plus additional 180h as an intern. After graduation ceremony, I though the future was looking really bright and that what I do for work will finally matter , that I will be helping people versus just watching them lose their money as they are getting drunk. Opportunity for work showed up as I was still on my externship site, and I was ecstatic about it. It is a non-profit hospital with a really big campus, and plenty of opportunities for a career growth, or so I thought. The training for a health care system that is being used at the hospital was very serious and professional , and it gave me even more hope that this was a place where I could build a very solid career. Then the first day at work finally came around. I was feeling positive, ready to meet all of my new co-workers, and to start my new career. Very quickly, to my disappointment, I have learned that my co-workers are far from friendly ( not even to the patients), very judgmental and gossipy. The communication between the management and staff is missing, and it feels like blind is leading the blind. There is also a feeling of entitlement amongst the staff. The Doctors think they they are too good to talk to anyone, and to my disappointment LVN’s and RN’s are very rude to the staff at the front desk. I really didn’t expect that, at all. I was shocked by it. There were more than few times when I would go out of my way to help a patient get a disability form or some other forms that they need, and it was not received well by the nurses. Not even a thank you. I was checking the patient in, and she was felling ill, nauseous, dizzy, weak... I went back to get the nurse from the doctors office that the patient was seeing, and to my surprise she was so rude to me. She did came out to talk to the patient, but never said a thank you or any other word to me about it. Instead of a serious job, it feels like I am back in high school where I have to watch out for the mean girls, and that someone is constantly setting me up to lose my job. Transfers are available to you but only if you are in the clicks with the managers. It’s not based on your performance. It is stressful enough (both mentally and emotionally) to change careers and start a new one, and if you add such an unfriendly staff to the mix, it creates a very negative working environment. What I thought would be my dream job, quickly turned into a nightmare. Most days I’m driving home crying, and I don’t want to go to work and deal with this high school-Ish pettiness. I started applying for smaller private doctors offices, and hopefully they will hire someone with years of customer service experience, even though I just started my career in the medical field. I am truly disappointed in the unprofessionalism I have experienced at the hospital I was hired at. I really had higher expectations. I’m hoping another opportunity for work will come by soon.

almost 3 years ago
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