Emily Messenger
over 6 months ago

Finally found a legitimate work from home position!

After months of wading through want ads, applications, interviews and even onboarding at a few companies that didn't work out well, I was becoming incredibly afraid that the right job for me didn't exist. However, I am so happy to have completed my first week of training as a remote employee supporting customers for a tax preparation software company! The starting pay isn't the greatest, but without the cost of commuting, buying lunch out, etc I think it is doable. The first week of the New Year is giving me tremendous hope for future success, and hope that my fellow job seekers on this site have similar faith in good things to come. This particular sector is ramping up for a very busy season, and I would encourage interested persons to explore similar opportunities. I am with a staffing company currently, but have been assured that if my performance is good that I have an excellent chance of being hired on permanently. There was a reasonable equipment investment on my part (less than $100), and the company provided a computer, webcam and related items necessary for the job. Thankfully I have a spare bedroom set up as an office that is quiet and free of distractions-- and finally being put to good use!! Wishing everyone the best of luck; I know how tough it is out there, especially for those of us who have been out of the work force for a while.

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Julieanne Logan

HI Emily, Congratulations on finding this job. I too am looking for a work from home job that I can do that will work around my school schedule. Would you mind sharing the name of the company you finally found that is legit? I've run across so many scams it ridiculous. Thank You.