Lisa Bobo
over 6 months ago

Accepting positions that you were laid off from.

Previously, I worked for teleperformance twice. Once for about 1 year, then we moved. Then they started a work from home platform, which was awesome. I had to train for about 3 months, then on the last day of training and graduation, my car broke down. I was so mad. Then they laid us off, after two or three years. I think it was three years. I would of been promoted to mentor, if I had stayed there and worked on my performance much better. Anyways, if you were rehire-able, would you try go back to your old job, if you were like say, stuck in a bind money wise??? I'm age 50, and nobody wants to hire me, because I have medical issues, this company at least, knew I needed a break every 2 hours, which they did any ways, because if you're medically impaired they will work with you. Or would you accept another position,, that is some what better and has more accommodations for people like me? Sorry I have an intellectual/cognitive disorder, as well and have problems explaining things. What are my options??? accept my old job back, or go to this other job that wants me, and will work with me just, as well???

Elyssa Duncan

Hi Lisa Bobo - If you enjoyed working at a role prior and enjoyed working at the company, then I don't think there is any harm in going back! It seems that you ended on good terms and that they were understanding of you needed accommodations.

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