Jess Harrison
over 3 years ago

Is getting your CDL worth it?

A friend of mine has been considering getting their CDL for trucking. I was looking into it for them and found some benefits: training can be as short as 3 weeks, high levels of job security, competitive salaries averaging $39,000/year, part-time options, etc.

All of this sounds awesome but I was wondering if anyone with personal knowledge about CDL training/trucking in general could provide some insight or advice. Thanks!

William Tamashiro

It was fun job for me straight out of high schooll. And being that I did it in hawaii. Got to meet a lot of famous people. The pic physicals are a pain in the butt to do every other year. And depending on what company you work for the "random" drug test can be any where from every year to every other month


I don't have the experience to answer your question fully but I can attest to it being a fairly secure field to place yourself into. My bf has been a career driver for over 15+ years and there is a high demand for this line of work. It would be helpful for you to get a Hazmat along with the CDL you'll have more options that way. Make sure you have a very clean driving record prior to this. You don't partake in drugs (they do randoms all the time). It's an industry that seems to be age immune for the most part so being older will not be hit with age discrimination. It's a male dominated industry primarily that's either good or bad, you decide. The pay varies extensively from place to place so do the benefits. Do your research on companies as they are not all equal and many will embellish how much you will get as take home pay. You won't really feel that comfortable driving commercially until close to a year into it, or so I've been told. As always, these days it's about who you know not always what you know. Have a friend who does this for a living or a friend of a friend? Get them to help you get a job with a decent company. Hopefully this helps some and good luck! We all need it out there these days. One more person employed is a win win for all of us job seekers.

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