It took a while...

I finally found a job. I went to so many interviews. I was so sad and irritated with my situation. But i just kept going to the interviews and tried to smile and be polite and professional and eventually i got a real decent job with a good company.
Believe me, i know sometimes it's real hard to find a job when you're looking for one but don't give up and keep your head up. One is around the corner. Make sure you take the opportunity to learn about the company while you're interviewing because in the end you might be real happy where you end up when a lot of crappy jobs passed on you because there might be someone looking for your skills and you just haven't connected yet. Keep going.
And when you get there humble yourself, be a team member, and be grateful and polite. Remain professional with your interactions and live by thumpers rule. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. You will find out later how many people are related, in relationships, ass kissers and shit starters. But you need to be observant and work well for the company because if the company doesn't succeed nobody has a job. Or maybe just the one who isn't fitting well into the place intended, then they're looking for a job again. But not me, cuz i finally got one :) keep your head up everyone. I've seen a lot of you lost and heartbroken on here. I've been praying for you all.
Good luck. Success is awesome. Keep going. You got this. Tell us about when you get your jobs. Vent on whisper when you need to vent.




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