Temp Agencies Are A Great Place To Land A Job, If You Need One Either Quickly Or Changing To A Different Job Or Left A Job

For those struggling to gain employment, check into temp agencies.many are good and many temp jobs turn into full time permeant jobs after a probationary time like sixty or ninety days. I can say this with experience because I work through one for the last three months in a manufacturing facility. I'm almost ready for permanent hire. Its hard work at yes and a lot on my feet but has not hurt me. Its a good company.

After I'm hired on, they have a tuition reimbursement program so I can pick up the production or industrial engineering degree that I have desired. I'm currently completing a degree in only right classes to business management. Temp jobs can lead to good things in life, including giving good experience for a better job and one that can be yours.

If the company you get sent to your first day see that you are: on time, have good attendance, have a good, professional attitude, be very nice and respectful to your co workers, managers, etc, thank them for giving you the opportunity when you meet them, willing to learn and accept coaching, training and direction from managers and supervisors, work hard and you do your job well, learn everything you can about your job position..learn the assembly line, the machinery..how they work, how to stack boxes and palletize, how to look for quality, etc., follow all safety rules and guidelines and company rules and policies..this one is huge! , do all you are asked to do, join a safety committee if you can..when you are hired on consider a union membership, be pro active in the job and accept over time or work on a weekend.

Also, look for other positions in that company you may be interested in or qualify for ask to advance to a line lead. I did that and I'm in training to run a full assembly line. This can lead in itself to being in management and many of those individuals began as temp workers. Be dedicated and committed..Best and most of all be happy, do it with a smile!

I would also suggest in your free time, learn as much as you can about the company and its industry or the type of industry it is in, what products do they manufacture. Are they local, national.or international? How known are they? Research the company online and gain an understanding of who they are, what they do and about working for them.

If you show you are this type of employee or worker, your managers will be very happy and they will most likely be wanting you to stay on board. I asked my production floor manager about where I am.in my 90 days and how I could remain being there. She said, just keep doing the great job you are doing.. That's it in a nutshell. Do your job well and to better than expected. If they see how you work well, that says a great deal to them besides attendance and following all the rules. Hope this helps.




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