Amazon Culture?

I am trying to learn more about Amazon culture. When I read their job descriptions I find a disconnect between my current experience and where I want to go and I'm not sure how to proceed. I was hoping to get some advice from current/former employees.

I have worked in technical support for another tech giant and was very successful. I had high customer service marks and a high issue resolution metric. I was also trained as a team leader and obtained Senior status while employed with them. However, because I worked remote instead of in an office I found it difficult to cross the line from customer support into a more technical role and the only growth path was into leadership and management. I am not opposed to taking on a leadership role, but I still have lots of technical growth I would like to accomplish before moving into leadership. I left seeking opportunities to grow my technical knowledge. I consistently performed in the top 1% of over 30k employees.

I review a lot of remote positions available at Amazon specifically targeting those that are primarily remote. I am always excited about the direction Amazon is heading and have started working to become AWS Certified and to eventually move into the realm of machine learning and IoT technologies. However, the positions I find I do not have the expertise yet in these areas, but would love to get my foot in the proverbial door and grow with the company.

All that said, am I better off obtaining the skills outside and then applying or is the culture at Amazon such that applying for a role that I currently do satisfy the criteria will provide the flexibility to change roles as I expand my skill set in the Amazon domain?

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