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Hi everyone, I'd like some neutral advice. I'm sort of at a crossroads right now and figuring out which way to go. I feel it's time after sacrificing all these years to do what will make me happy for a change. My family supports me (everyone in the household but me is unemployed right now, so where I go, they go. :) The big issue is I have an elderly mom who refuses to be mobile. She depends on me to get around and does not get out otherwise. Her friends have mostly passed on so in my opinion it doesn't matter where she lives, she can always talk to them on the phone like she does now. Sooner or later she is going to need to move in with us whether we stay or go. I have lived in Baltimore all of my life and am miserable. I have been wanting to leave MD for almost 30 years but have stayed behind (I am an only child). My mom does not get out all over the place and just doesn't understand my frustration with traffic, crowds, crime in our neighborhood, etc. Anyway, here is where I am at.

  1. My family and I have identified properties in GA that are about half the cost of what we are paying for now, PLUS lots of land that we've been wanting. I would not have an issue with a job. This move would allow us to get ahead and pay off bills with the money we would be saving and prepare my husband and I to be on track for retirement in about 10 years. The only thing holding us back is mom.
  2. I could stay a few more years at my high-stress job with at least a 1 hour commute each way until I would definitely be able to transfer to GA. By then though, the housing market may not be so cheap and all of the stress has started to affect my health.
  3. I have a chance to get another job in MD closer to my home (traffic wise it would still be about 40 minutes travel time each way) and much closer to an area where we would want to live if we stayed here (if we could move, much less travel time). I would make more money and have less stress. There's no guarantee that we would find something we could afford though, but it would put us in a little better position. If we don't find another house closer to that area, then I am looking at option 1 again. I don't want to be a job hopper ,(never have been) so I'd like to go somewhere and stay put. I want to be happy for once though. In the meantime, I am praying and also working on becoming self-employed. Any thoughts? Prayers are always appreciated!! Thanks for reading and have a blessed evening.
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Laila Nashat

I think you may know what the right answer is for you, but maybe you're looking for some confirmation that you're doing the right thing. I think if you're able to improve your family's quality of life overall, any anxiety or resistance to the changes required will most likely go away with time. You may not get the support you want right away, but if you're confident that you're making the best move for everyone I think it's important to bear any criticism with the knowledge that things will be more stable and pleasant later in mind. Making the right decision is not always easy, and people won't always agree, but they may thank you later.