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Todd Daniels

Recovering addict and alcoholic

I am currently a proud clean and sober alcoholic and drug addict. I did 3 months in a recovery facility and I have never felt better. I failed a drug test at my job as a medical assistant in an urgent care.y boss promised me that if I went to this facility I would have my job when done. She filled my position right at the 3 month point. I found out from somebody telling me about my position being posted on Facebook. I am currently looking for a job and after interviews I am not having any luck. I am afraid it is due to what happened at my last job. What can I do to get back my confidence and land another job?


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Todd - keep going. I think it's still early for you. You'll have interviews that don't go so well, or just don't have anything come of it. But eventually you'll find one that does!

Todd Daniels

Thank you very much. Means a lot to know there are people that believe in us in recovery.

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Congrats on your recovery Todd! That’s a major LIFE changing accomplishment. If you filed an FMLA request that was approved by your previous employer then they should still have the same or similar job available for you in to remain compliant with the FMLA policy and procedures. Don’t go by a facebook job posting.. Call and confirm instead. Also, stay in the glow of your newfound sobriety and don’t allow anything or anyone to discourage you from maintaining your sobriety and moving forward. Call your previous supervisor to see if you still have a job. If not, then ask her for a reference letter you can use add to your applications now. It may take some time but have confidence that you will find something soon and a new job opportunity will manifest itself. Congrats again!

Todd Daniels

Thank you so much. I was definitely replaced. I called as soon as I was told that. I am waiting for a letter of recommendation from a provider that also no longer works there. Your advice to enjoy my life and sobriety is exactly what my sponsor and peer mentor suggest. It is also what the AA book says to do. It says to see what I can contribute to life and not be selfish and self seeking worrying about a job. You have no idea how much I appreciate the things you said.

Natarsha Simon

Congratulations and keep going God will bless you I too am a Medical Assistant also. I have a job but it is not in my field and I don't think that you aren't having any luck because of your past situation I think it's because it's just so hard to get a job as an Medical Assistant. I tried to apply at clinic after clinic, labs, and hospitals too and still had no luck so I had to find another field to work in. Keep searching and don't give up I promise you it will get better and continue to work on your recovery to become a better you. God Bless!

Irma Alfaro

They are looking for medical assitants that have been in the field at least 2 yrs they hate to train but its stupid because all Drs are different and offices are ran different