Final Follow Up

Hey hey fellow job casers. Just wanted to check in real quick and let you all know, I finished school but haven't been able to take my certification test yet. New Horizons is a joke. They are a $ scam. All the students who attended on the CareerSource grant were left with vouchers we can't use because we took night classes and they don't want to offer night tests. They claim our campus is closed. I'm not risking my job to take off to go take their test, when they should have let us take it when we finished the course. So for Now my MOS certification is on hold. Pfft

On a good note however, I became permanent and official at my job yesterday. My benefits will start September 1 and I was given $3 more per hour, so I'm pretty close to making what I made back home and now I'll be able to get my own place. I'm very excited and happy. I will continue to send blessings, luck and positive energy to everyone in this group who is still searching, trying and hitting the streets everyday to land a position for themselves. Just stay at it and remember HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY AND ALWAYS ONE MORE DAY! your breakthrough is coming. Try not to give up or breakdown. I'll stay in to cheer others on, offer support and advise if needed. I'll share any jobs I hear come open, at least in my neck of the woods and to celebrate all the small victories. This is my last post about myself and my job search journey however.

Take care everyone and keep your chin up! Amber

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