Want to quit my job

My name Is Rene
I have been working for this company for 3 years . I came in as a shift manager within 6 months I became an Assistant manager . My work ethics is Superb I dont call out. I have learn so much , but my GM is not a good GM he is racist on the low , also favoritism, Undermining, Cursing and Firing for personal reasons, love hiring nothing but young females. I do most of the stuff in the store. Had a meeting withthe GM and The DM and he try to make look like a fool at the same . Im going to quit when i go vacation in a month. Stressing me out taking me away from my young child all the time . Have been academic probation twice due to working all different types of shifts to were im to tired to do anything. I have no life cause of this job making feel depress ...




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