Annette Mayo
over 6 months ago

How to cope with death in the family while managing a stressful job...

I just recently lost my oldest brother in a car crash January the 8th of 2016 . We were very close... One of the things I miss most is his laughter.. He was killed on Joplin RD in Triangle Virginia . He was also burned beyond recognition . I am struggling with my Faith at times ... I have become anxious. There are times that I don't want to leave the house.. I placed myself in this shell ever since I found out... All I want to do is sleep . How do you pick yourself up from grieving and living a normal day to day life again . I can not hold a job like this. I also work with children. The most stressful age groups for me would be preschool at the moment . I use to enjoy it but after everything that has happened I feel so tired . It has taken a lot out of me managing challenging behaviors every single day when I am barely taking care of myself. I know we have all lost someone or faced a tragic situation at one point in our lives.. I am taking it one day at a time ... I am just curious about some of the experiences you have faced and how you managed to pick yourself back up.. I am looking for only positive feedback please ...

William Agnew

Charlene, Realize that unfortunate part of your life is gone. It will never be here again and you must move on. Be around people and not alone, at least as much as possible. Take a part time job if you need to, to be around others (adults at this time). It is not in our nature to be alone. We are sociable beings. Practice a positive mood, always positive, never negative. "Laughter is the best medicine. Others will love you. Do these things and you will begin feeling you are a new person. You will love yourself and others will love you more than you ever could have imagined! Charlene can do it! Yes Yes Yes!