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Michael Fonseca
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Fitness Manager Personal Training In Charge Of Pt Sales at Golds Gym

They would decommission me all the time if someone signed up for a personal training package and then decided 4 months later they didn’t want to do it anymore and they would switch cards and every month they started taking 400-500 out of my paycheck. That’s not my fault my fault was to get people to sign up it was fair. They were stealing money from me. I also asked for insurance for months and the GM said he would take care of it. I landed in the hospital due to a rib injury that ended up costing $8,000 because “he dropped the ball and forgot about it.” In addition I’ve seen personal trainer choke a client and call them the N word as well as weed fall right out of their pocket and our GM Greg Custard just would say “don’t do it again.” Greg Custard and Jamie Lamb are people who will steal your money. The assistant fitness manager there right now is making $250 every two weeks. That’s 3 dollars an hour which is illegal. They are very corrupt and will hide things to the biggest extent. A lot of bullying and a lot of complaints. They do not treat their employees right at all. They don’t care about the people in the gym or who train they care about numbers and money. Jamie Lamb (the regional manger) has also said some sexual remarks to me about other girls. Very unprofessional. Don’t ever work there I finally left and quit. And of course they won’t let me step in the building even though I peacefully quit. The last person who tried to put their two week notice in they fired him in the spot so they wouldn’t have to pay him. Then threatened to take him to court if he tried to do the same.

about 4 years ago
Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

Oh my goodness, that sounds so awful Michael Fonseca I am so sorry!

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