shantir crowder
over 6 months ago

bosslady take care from home

being a single mom of 4 adorable children is a blessing. I have 3 that has disability problems that requires mandatory assistant and has caused me to either loose my job or don't show up for work. I feel that the time has presented itself to me that something has to balance out in order to provide for my kids aswell as maintaining a job that is the tool for providing.i love to work and Iim inlove with my family that's why I'm choosing to balance out my situation andwor. and take care of my kids,,, ALL 411...

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Ask Emily !

Hi Shantir! It's certainly difficult to maintain a work/life balance with small children, especially if they have special needs. Are you currently looking for a job? There's actually a site called FlexJobs that features jobs for people in your situation, and they've been helpful for other mothers as you can see here: -- but I know this is a difficult situation, so please let me know if you have any specific questions! We're here for you!