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Nancy Macchia
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Administrative Assiatant at Canteen Corporation

I got hired at this law firm as a entry level paralegal. I was reassured the company would provide the necessary training for me to be up to speed with the work environment. Come to find out it was a Negative!! I found myself being in the office early morning, late nights, but I still felt like I was drowning. One of the lawyers took notice and call me in for a meeting. First thought that came to mind was I am getting fired because this specific lawyer is tough to handle. Thankfully, I was not fired, but more redirected into the right direction. He gave me some advice and explain how when he started out as a lawyer some of the concerns he experienced. Against my better judgement, I was able to see him in a different light. I learned the most toughest people have the biggest lessons/advice to share.

almost 7 years ago
Ashley Wilson
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Content Manager at Jobcase

That's fantastic that someone so kind was able to take you under their wing so to speak and help you when you needed it most! The company should have provided the proper training as they assured you they would, but you were brave to stick it out and make it work for you despite the mounting stress. You should be so proud of yourself! How are things now? I think what we can ALL take away from this, is to never assume or judge someone we do not know (and we are all guilty of it). We each have unique and varied experiences who help shape who we are. It's wonderful when a co-worker does something kind like that. I hope the job is less stressful now and things are moving in a positive direction. Perhaps it would be great to make more friends at work! All the best and thank you so much for sharing Nancy!