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David Johnson
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Qualifications or duties, how much frosting do you add to get a job? I keep getting told that "this means that" or you did that so you are qualified for this. I choose my words for communicating efficiently and effectively. So I am curious , is this an age gap thing or must one be obsequious to the interviewer using misnomers to gain employment in today's career battle royal. I prefer using words I and the interviewer both know and understand. But still underutilized in the monetary compensation league. Almost 60 and tired of getting notices that want a highly energetic and eager to please attitude in the exciting fields of Janitorial, Labor intensive and those Uber/Lift drivers. Over 30 years work experience including being a Firefighter/Officer with a major city. Responding to emergencies was my passion, making deli sandwiches not so much.

over 5 years ago
Matt Bornhorst
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Hi David Johnson - I gotta say, I love the way you described today's job search as a battle royale..

I think that using 'frosting' to get the job is alright. I limit my embellishing of my resume and cover letter to words I can actually pronounce and that seems to have worked out well for me so far..

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