Are you missing any of these?

Use this quick checklist to make sure your profile is ready to be seen by employers! Remember, they are on the lookout for YOU.

-I have filled out my summary with relevant information that will tell employers who I am. I have also made sure to highlight what I do best! If you're not sure, get some help with summaries here.

-I have uploaded a work appropriate profile photo.

-I have added skills and traits to my profile. It’s as simple as selecting them!

-I have added my education.

-I have added my relevant work experience from at least the last 5 years. Employers want to see what you have been up to! Remember under each job list ALL the things you did. If you can’t remember, think back and make a quick list. Any and ALL experience you have is valuable!

-I have listed my location. A BIG one because otherwise a potential employer will have no idea where you are located and if you are able to commute to work for their company.

-If you volunteered anywhere did you make sure to add it? Employers love seeing the things you have done outside of work that show you care and emphasizes your commitment to your community.

Remember, keep those profiles updated!

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