Sexual discrimination??

Had an interview this year for a state job here in my town. I applied for a painter's position and was able to be interviewed. I meet all the qualifcations that was required. The gentleman interviewing me was the head of the paint department and he said that he was only interviewing one other person and they was on a cruise. I was the first to be interviewed so only two made it through. As he walked me out, some of the guys in the maintenance department stopped us and ask how it went. I knew these guys because of my previous job, inwhich I sold them building materials. One of them contacted me when the job was posted and told me to get my resume turned in, so of course he was curious. The head of the painting department said the ou interview went well but he was unsure of the atmosphere in the department because it was all men and the guys like to joke around and that it sometimes got a little ruff down there. Mu buddy said, well this one here can hold her own, I have seen her in action. She knows how to take up for herself. Needless to say, I recieved a email about 3 weeks later telling me that I did not get the job and it would be reposted. My buddy called me and told me to reapply.... lol, yeah right. That took over a month to get an interview and besides that why?? So I can fill the,, " well we do not discriminate because we have interviewed a woman but her private area disqualified her from being around the "men".

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