Joel Bjorn
over 6 months ago

I need a job

Olympia, Washington Hey everyone, hard worker here. Recently got kicked out of my apartment situation and I'm looking for a job in the Thurston county area. I can do everything from fork lifts to fast food. Let me know if you have any leads or are willing to interview with me.

Barbara Campbell

Might be a slim chance that you will hear of a company hiring in your local are but there will be 20 times that chance if you post as a job seeker with your resume attached. Before anyone can truly help you find a job you must work at and provide some essential information. For example, Not even McDonald's wants to hire "I need a job because I've already lost my apartment". They want a proper application telling them how you are going to be a great employee for them. It is what every employer wants from an applicant. So what is it you want to do in the location your seeking employment. Where would you like to work? What would you like to do there? And what skills, personality traits and attitude are you bringing to the table? I mean are we supposed to guess? My instincts tell me the best place for you to begin will be a state career center. On their computer access their assessment programs I highly recommend Oscar Assessments Program. Learn about yourself and job matches by merging interest and personality matches with skills and required educational degrees and or experience required. Then you are there where the job search assistance, workshops, computers, printers, telephones, email, and job boards are all available. At most you can print your cover letters and resumes our. Some will even provide a notebook or folder with paper and pen so you can take notes, addresses and phone numbers down with directions which you can find the job lications right there on the map wo get an idea how far you will have to travel by car, bus, bike or walking. Before leaving there in a 3 hour period I could look up job list, respond to emails, make 5-10 job related calls taking notes and look ten+ jobs up on Map Quest and check to see if the position was a match or not and decide if it is a 2 hour bus ride there and back because it is across town do I check on it or toss it as not realistic for me? There is a lot of work involved in job search and many jobs are fast paced all 8-12 hours everyday. Some are slow paced but not flexible for time off or even taking care of nature's business. There is so much involved that I really think a work or career center could be very helpful to you. Thanks for asking and I wish you the best.