Deborah Boudreaux
about 4 years ago

courtesy clerk

I am interested in a courtesy clerk position. I am flexible with hours. I am very healthy, strong and a very young 62 years old. I have a long history in customer service and management but have been taking care of my mother for the last few years. Now I am starting over and am looking for something where I can meet the public. I am a customer of the Lascassas Pike store. I can pass a background check with no problems. I make a good public appearance. Have a great longevity history and never late nor absent from work. I have filled out other applications for Krogers in Murfureesboro and went on one interview but was not hired. Is there a position at your Lascassas store? or should I even apply since not being hired at another location? Thanks for any advise!

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Mariah Bliss

Hi Deborah: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! You're in luck - Kroger is hiring right now! Click on the gray Kroger box in your post to be taken to the company page. From there, click the Apply button to see all the job roles they're currently hiring for. If you see a job listing you like, click "View Job" to start the application process. Best of luck!