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Social Services
Katherine Mandi

Starting Over

I live in the Detroit Metro area. I have my Bachelors degree in Social Work and have worked with a wide array of populations. I have been trying to find a job for several months here in Michigan. I had to leave my last position after I was in an accident on my way to work and ended up with a head injury, basically I was on medical leave for awhile and couldn't get my state licensing exam completed by the deadline needed to remain employed within the agency. I have skills and feel like I am wasting them doing absolutely nothing. Maybe I should leave Michigan and completely start over.


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A fellow Jobcaser

I tend to agree to a point that you might want to leave you area or state. But you do have a degree that will get you employed very quickly. SOCIAL WORK!!!! Try probation, jail intake or hospital outplacement social work. But you may need to leave your area.

Katherine Mandi

I used to do Juvenile Probation and loved it. I appreciate your positive encouragement. Thank you!