Steven Fanale
almost 4 years ago

Asking For A Raise

I walked into my bosses office and told him that I need a raise.He told me that I make too much money. I reminded him that when he got the job he received a $100,000 a year raise which was not too shabby at all. He now makes $350,000 and I make $25,000. I told him that I want to make at least $250,000 dollars a year or else I will head to Harvard University and teach history and make $750,000 a year plus I will get a clothing allowance, travel allowance, etc. I told him that we should get this thing ironed out by January 1,2017. He told me that I am NUTS!!! To wit I replied only on Tuesday's. He called his attorney and told him what I wanted. His attorney said no. Give him 29,000 dollars a year. My attorney said that I should get at least $100,000 as Chairman Of The History Department at my school. If all else fails I will walk into his office and tell him that I have a new job at Harvard University teaching Modern European History, Modern German History and Modern Russian History along with World War I and World War II. I am also tempted to fly to Dubai and teach there. I know that they pay very well and its all tax-free. What do you think about this? Please let me know. Steven M. Fanale

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