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Your Day 10 Challenge: Follow Up On Your Applications

Sick of not hearing back from employers about your application?

Here’s what you should do: Try calling employers a few days after you’ve applied. You can search the company name and location on Google for the phone number.

When you call, ask if you can speak to someone in charge of hiring for the job position you applied for. It’s as easy as that!

Note: Don’t call if an employer asks you not to (it’ll be on your job application).

Try this tip out and share what happens with the community!



William Agnew

Cool! This is very good, super awesome advice! Thank you!

Angela Bowman

I already know that

Darrius Holyfield

Very helpful information thanks!

Latonya Scott

I aalways do that.

Profile placeholder

I want a job

Angela Perilli

I have performed follow ups for each application. Some have not bothered to return my call. Or I get a later response stating we have reviewed your resume and decided to pursue other experienced candidates
How am I to get the experience if no one decides to give me a chance?

Stan Burton

I know tried that ...50/50

Wendy Rey

Is the phrase I have a few more applicates to talk to the kiss of death? They tell you how qualified you are and then that statement.

Paul Schlipf

The thing is you have to hear from someone first an it's been a year an a half or longer no job so what to do ????????

Profile placeholder

مرحبا لو سمحتم انا لا أتكلم الإنكليزية إلا بعض كلمات قليلة جدا واريد عمل لا يحتاج للغة الانجليزية ارجو المساعدة

Profile placeholder

I need number to costco Limbaugh and sheldon rd in tampa fl

Jennifer Silver

Thanks what is the best time to call employer to check on your applications.

Jennifer Silver

I need to find a job no luck so far

Profile placeholder

Call back on some employers who didn't give me a chance to talk or know I have no transportation so I can keep a job.

Annie Galvin

Why are we required to put our age on applications if it is so non-discriminatory?

Blas Diaz

I would never called to any employer, that's not my way , right now I just work to pay the bills ,I got helped from daughter and sons I've been working for more than 30 years, that's why I don't worry to much. I just do what I can .

Alexander Boadi

ok what about if the company is a new one and no internet connection from the beginning and it is unlikely to have the front line or the human resource managers number what will you do . Thank you. ALEX FROM Ghana (West Africa)

Sonevilay Namsaly

Call me for part time job.