What do i do!!!

I recently graduated with a certification in EHR, a Medical Administrative Assistant and CCMA. The local hospital I work for is on the Epic program system, another one of our local hospital is implementing the Epic program in Nov. A friend who works for that hospital told his boss that he knows someone, which is me, with Epic experience that is applying for the Epic trainer position. She was interested in me and asked for my resume I sent it to her and she told him to tell me to put the application in. We have been corresponding through emails and telephone calls, she has not received my application yet and i'm afraid to call her again to see if she has received the application. I want this position badly, but I'm not sure if I should call her again. THIS position would put where I need to be this part of my life and get me off the hospital floors. I have had some job offers for a CCMA and position I have turned down I'm afraid to turn anymore down, but I need know about the other one before I take one of the other offers, help
what should I do?

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