K.C. Williams Davison
about 1 month ago

The time is now

As a company that serves and cares for employees, franchisees and customers of every race, ethnicity and background, Pizza Hut stands with African Americans, and all people of color, unified against all forms of racism, gender bias, discrimination, hate and intolerance. Especially at this time, we remain committed to ensuring a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for our customers to enjoy and for employees to thrive. Our core value of Believing in ALL People has never been more important.

Pizza Hut cannot—and will not—mourn this sad reality in silence while the world rages around us. We hear voices hoping for and demanding a better life, despite the color of their skin. We join these voices in solidarity and we are ready to get to work building a world much bigger, brighter, and filled with more possibilities than these evils have allowed so far.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking to be a catalyst for change against racism and inequality: http://blog.pizzahut.com/how-were-taking-action-against-inequality/?fbclid=IwAR2DMZCUUNGZxWw917XnUAuLR6dBZiftPiuwycI55fOV5YUoYyA-GgONNyg

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Elyssa Duncan

This is great, K.C.! Thank you so much for sharing these insights with the Jobcase community. I took a look at that blog post and it seems like #PizzaHut is taking great steps in becoming a catalyst for change against racism/inequality.