Steven Ransom
11 months ago

Is YOUR Identity Protect during a Job search?

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft During a Job Search Developing a robust online presence that showcases your technical prowess, project expertise and thought leadership is no longer optional for tech pros hunting for a new job. Today, some 91 percent of employers use social media to find candidates, and nearly 80 percent of recruiters check candidates out online before they make contact.

However, posting professional and personal information on the web can expose even security-savvy tech pros to identity theft, scams, and résumé fraud. Here are some ways to protect yourself from criminals and identity thieves during a job search.

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dian sanderson

The social media outlet can be a great promoter of your talents etc but more often it does not reveal anything positive that an employer will be impressed with.

I avoid social media except to post generic comments on topics I am pulled into and up until recently I never used social media

If you do use social media be very careful what you say and how you behave there or block from everyone but closest friends.

Social media has canned so many people that I've known personally. For revealing sensitive information or just for acting like a criminal ..

Be very careful.. Which means you cannot just say whatever you want usually. So it's really a facade most if the time and appears to be that way.

So why bother.

Just my personal opinion. It could change.