I've been currently working at a call center company for over 2 years. In this 2 years, I have accomplished many different milestones. Like the following: Team Lead, Mentoring, One on One Trainings, One of the top employees to be on 2 different pilot departments, and filled in for Supervisors. I've applied for a supervisor position 3 times (each time having at least 3 other supervisors recommending me for the position) and being denied. I'm still at the same pay that I was when I started working with this company. Our PTO for the company went from being able to get 2 weeks of vacation, 24 hours of sick, and 16 hours of personal. Now 56 hours of PTO for the year and it doesn't carry over. Health insurance isn't great because I don't make enough to get the best benefits. There always changing the way they do pay out's (KPI'S). They'll say one thing and do another. The supervisors and other Superiority staff come to me to find out how to do their jobs. My supervisor before this last one, I had to show how to do his job (while still expected to be doing mine and helping others). My husband, family, friends, and co-workers have all said many times I should have been a supervisor by now. They keep asking me why I'm still working there. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you stick it out a little longer or find better things?




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