Steve Korzenowski
over 6 months ago

Hello, Company

As an introduction I can tell you that I am a Senior EE with over 20 years’ experience, trusted leadership ability and a disciplined work ethic. I have worked across a wide a spectrum of industries and end-products, including 10+ years in medical device engineering (Medtronic, CareFusion, Olympus Surgical, AMS, and Minnetronix) and 10+ years in telecommunications, aerospace, industrial controls, military and HVAC (ADC, General Dynamics, Entegris, Honeywell, Beckett, Ingersoll Rand and 3M) I bring passion and expertise to the Engineering role! I have won 2 world-wide awards for Excellence in Engineering in the past and have a proven track record.

Please take a look at my resume and contact me with any questions. I am sure I can get started right away and make a strong contribution for your clients. I'm ready 'n' rarin' to go!

Thanks, Steve Korzenowski

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