George Shirer
12 months ago

I was proud to work for #CEO864FightingChampionship because

It’s a sport that I have a great deal of passion for. I started training at Revolution Mixed Martial Arts and Performance Center. I got to know the great coaches there as I trained more with them. I watched the fighters as they trained giving it everything they had to be the best they could be. At the least it was an inspiration to try and help them on their dream. I started helping two young fighters from South America who had come to train at Revolution MMA. They were looking for work and I was able to help provide work for them through some of my contacts. As I got to know each of the fighters better and started helping more and more around the gym, I began to think that I could try to start a promotion that focused on the fighter first. It was a great opportunity to help fighters stay busy on there on back yard and get to travel every now and then, while being paid a nice purse. I still have the same passion to this day for the sport and now just enjoy it as a fan.

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Matt Bornhorst

That is awesome George Shirer . Thank you for choosing to share your story with the community, and tell us about your passion.

What made you first interested in MMA?