Worker benefits offered to Grubhub drivers

Last updated: May 28, 2024
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Worker benefits offered to Grubhub drivers

GrubHub drivers are classified as gig workers or independent contractors, and full medical and health benefits are not guaranteed. But, there are still options in place that help provide peace of mind and security while working as a driver.

  • Medical and health

GrubHub partners with Stride Health, an insurance coverage company that connects individuals with health plans covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Stride Health acts as the liaison between you and a medical insurance provider with options that are both affordable and robust.

Medical Insurance

Personalized ACA plan recommendation at the lowest price possible with year-round customer support.


Able to use the selected plan from the first of the month after you enroll. 100% of all dental cleanings and regular check-ups are covered.


Administered by VSP, the nation’s leading vision insurance company, you are able to use the selected plan on the first of the month after enrollment at over 84,000 locations nationwide. Through VSP, up to $120 for glasses or contacts is covered annually. For more information and frequently asked questions, visit the Stride FAQ Page here.

  • Taxes

GrubHub partners with Quickbooks, an online tax preparation service, and provides a 50% off discount on self-employed filed taxes.

  • JiffyLube

Drivers are eligible to receive 15% off most services, including oil changes, tire rotations and more.

Grubhub is working hard to ensure the safety and health of their drivers as COVID-19 continues to affect the United States. To help protect and support their drivers, GrubHub is providing two weeks of sick pay to cover medical expenses and lost income to drivers impacted by COVID-19 through a Driver Support Pay Program. Under this program, drivers may qualify for a one-time payment equivalent to your average earnings of two weeks.

Eligibility Requirements: Must have been active on the GrubHub platform for at least 30 days. Must have completed at least 1 delivery in the last 30 days (counting back from the date medical documentation was acquired). You are tested positive for COVID-19 and can provide necessary medical documentation. You are placed in quarantine by a public health official.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

GrubHub is also offering drivers access to free personal protective equipment (PPE) including both hand sanitizer and masks. These free items will be provided in all new driver welcome kits. For both new and existing drivers, GrubHub will continue to provide free PPE kits every 30 days and you can place an order through the online GrubHub driver shop.

Most importantly, they’ve launched entirely contact-free delivery—allowing drivers to leave food in the diner’s lobby or on a doorstep to avoid a direct handoff.

  • GrubHub Community Relief Fund

Proceeds from the Community Relief Fund will go to local and national organizations that provide relief for delivery drivers. This is made possible through generous donations made by GrubHub customers through the Donate the Change feature. Donate the Change gives customers the option to round up their order to the nearest dollar amount, with the change being donated to the GrubHub Community Relief Fund; all donations are matched by GrubHub.



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