Determine work culture and land the job that you want

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Determine work culture and land the job that you want
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It’s important to make sure you love where you work. A great work culture will allow you to feel heard, supported, and let your career grow! Why pick just any old job when you can make sure that you will love where you work.

Here are some ways you can determine what the role and company culture may be like with some simple questions to ask during an interview.

How do you measure success?

Is your future employer going to have unrealistic expectations? Make sure you feel confident to go after what they explain they will be expecting of you. If you aren’t then this might not be the right place for you. An employer that demands LONG workdays, for example, may not be a good fit, but if you like to work a ton it will be perfect for you.

Where do the people who work here usually eat their lunch?

Are they eating while they work at their desks? Do they offer a common area to share their lunchtime? Do they go out for lunch together? Figuring out how employees spend their lunch break will tell you whether they are slammed with work, don’t want to spend time with their colleagues, and if they enjoy each other’s company.

Would it be alright to take a quick tour?

Now before COVID things were vastly different so it’s important to ask in advance either during your interview or when hired if you can come and check out your workspace before you begin. The environment is KEY here, so be sure to take it all in if they offer a tour and observe all that you can. This is the place you will be every day if you are hired. As you look around, are individuals interacting with one another? Do the workers look stressed? Is the break/lunch room decorated/clean? Does it give you a good vibe or a negative one?

What are some past company outings or events that you’ve had?

A company that truly values its employees will do things to show their gratitude as well as invest in them. The answer to this question will reveal if they are all work and no play as well as how they treat their employees.

We asked Jobcasers what the most important thing to have in a job is!

Here is what they said:

Richard Graeff says,

"A sense of accomplishment. Being part of a team with similar well-thought goals."

Lisa Voger says,

"Security and strong leadership with the ability to grow and advance."

Ray Clements says, "

In a workplace you must have honesty and trust of your fellow workers."

Angelica Arredondo says,

"Confidence in my superiors."

Linda Gaumnitz says,

"A positive work environment."

Robert Ferrick says,

"Boss being honest with employees."

Jerry Ramirez says,

"If you have good management to help guide you it will make you feel like part of the family."

Darlene Morris says,

"Good leadership, one on one with staff to get to know them better, definitely an open door policy. Professionalism always from role model to be a great example for employees."

What do YOU think is important to have in a job?



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