Warehouse clerk job description, responsibilities, and salary

Last updated: July 20, 2024
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Warehouse clerk job description, responsibilities, and salary
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Warehouse jobs are necessary to keep the world running smoothly. Without warehouse workers, the products we use every day wouldn't be able to move around the world and get into consumers' hands.

The job itself varies depending on the specific role. For example, one warehouse clerk could be picking and packing orders while another cleans the warehouse. If you prefer to work on your feet rather than behind a desk, it could be a career for you.

This article will examine a warehouse clerk's job responsibilities, the requirements to become one, and how to land a job.

What does a warehouse clerk do?

A warehouse clerk performs many miscellaneous warehouse tasks, but their primary duties involve handling a company's stock.

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Job duties differ depending on what the company does (whether it sends out orders, receives orders, etc.), but a clerk generally receives and organizes stock, packs orders, unloads deliveries, and more.

Aside from that, a warehouse worker may write reports about shipments, monitor inventory, label items, replenish supplies, and perform general cleaning duties.

Working in a warehouse requires a lot of physical dexterity and stamina, since a lot of time is spent walking and handling merchandise.

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Warehouse clerk job responsibilities

A warehouse clerk goes by many names depending on the company, but they all perform similar tasks.

These include:

  • Loading and unloading materials from delivery trucks

  • Moving materials by hand or using equipment around the warehouse

  • Picking and packing customer orders

  • Loading and wrapping skids for shipping

  • Labeling items around the warehouse

  • Inventory control of the warehouse

  • Keeping the warehouse clean

It's a tough job that requires employees to be on their feet all day. You must be able to comfortably lift up to 50 lbs in most workplaces, often doing so multiple times per day.

You need to have high physical stamina, as you'll be walking around the warehouse all day long. You'll also do things like climb ladders, use warehouse equipment like forklift trucks and pallet jacks, and move heavy objects.

Another thing to note is that warehouses are not usually climate-controlled. You may have to work in hot or cold temperatures. If you're in an establishment with a freezer, you may have to work there sometimes as well.

Warehouse clerk skills and experience requirements

There are generally no requirements to become a warehouse clerk. Most workplaces prefer to hire someone with a high school diploma or GED and a driver's license, but it's not a necessity.

There is no specific training needed. However, some positions might prefer candidates with experience operating warehouse equipment like a forklift. While there are no specific education requirements, there are certain traits that an employee needs to excel in to get a warehouse job.

One important trait of any warehouse worker is that they are physically fit. Warehouse jobs require a lot of strength, as there is plenty of heavy lifting involved. Aside from that, warehouse clerks walk around the warehouse for most of their shift, carrying heavy materials.

A warehouse clerk should also have excellent hand-eye coordination, stamina, and communication skills.

There are often many warehouse workers, and being able to communicate effectively with co-workers is a necessity.

Warehouse clerk salary and employment rates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage of a hand laborer was $30,490 in May of 2020.

There is a large variation in pay for this type of position, so you could end up with an average salary closer to $41,950, depending on your location and the company.

There tends to be a lot of opportunities for overtime in these types of jobs. If that's something you're interested in, you'll have the ability to earn well above average.

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When we look at employment rates, we see that warehouse jobs are growing as fast as the average job growth, at about 3% between 2019 and 2029.

Warehouse clerks resume tips

Here are five resume tips to help you land a warehouse job.

1. Use a summary statement, not a career objective

Career objectives are outdated. They don't communicate anything of value to the hiring manager. Instead, use a summary statement. This is an opportunity to summarize your experience and let the hiring manager know why you're right for the job.

2. List relevant experience

Make sure to prioritize your relevant experience. It should be front and center on your resume. You want your experience to show how the skills you have make you the right candidate. Be sure to use action-based words and metrics whenever possible to help your resume stand out.

3. Go in reverse chronological order

When writing your resume, you must think about what resume format to choose. For warehouse roles, it's often recommended to start with your most recent experience and work your way backward. Many recruiters only take a brief look at your resume, so you'll want to make sure they see the most important information at the top.

4. Edit everything

Remember to edit your application. One spelling error could be the difference between getting the job and not. Ask a friend or family member to look it over for you to check for spelling or grammar mistakes.

5. Remember to follow up

If you haven't heard back after about a week, you could send a follow-up email. It shows the hiring manager you're serious about the role.

Warehouse jobs hiring right now

Here are some popular warehouse positions hiring right now.

Warehouse worker

A warehouse worker does many of the same tasks as a warehouse clerk. There are thousands of warehouse positions hiring across the country right now.

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Warehouse manager

If you have warehouse experience and want to take on more responsibility, apply for one of the many warehouse manager jobs hiring today.

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Land a warehouse clerk job today

While working as a warehouse clerk is physically demanding, it can also be a rewarding career for the right person.

With a low barrier to entry, getting your foot in the door should be simple. With that said, there are plenty of growth opportunities for candidates looking to progress into managerial roles.

You can find more tips for job seekers searching for a warehouse clerk job by visiting our Getting Hired Resource Center.



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