Here’s how much a warehouse manager makes

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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Here’s how much a warehouse manager makes
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If you’re thinking of becoming a warehouse manager, then you probably want to know exactly what to expect salary-wise.

Because let’s face it — how much money you can make is one of the most important factors to consider when applying for a job.

This article will cover everything you need to know about warehouse manager salaries, including how much they make on average, as well as the top three elements that affect their salary.

What does a warehouse manager do?

Warehouse managers are in charge of the safe and efficient receipt, storage, order, and dispatch of goods.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with customers, transport companies, and suppliers

  • Processing orders

  • Coordinating the use of information technology (IT) and mechanical systems

  • Managing inventory levels by conducting physical counts, as well as using data storage systems

  • Motivating and disciplining warehouse staff

  • Maintaining the physical condition of the warehouse by inspecting equipment, implementing efficient design layouts, and issuing repairs

  • Making sure that quality standards and delivery deadlines are met at all times

  • Achieving financial objectives through effective annual budgeting

  • Overseeing safety and security systems

However, keep in mind that your job description and responsibilities will depend on the industry that your company operates in.

Warehouse job title hierarchy

The warehouse manager falls under and above a few teams. However, the hierarchy will greatly depend on the organization’s size, the type of products it offers, and the warehouse manager’s experience level.

If the organization is large (e.g., Amazon Warehouse), you may also have a warehouse supervisor, warehouse operations manager, production manager, distribution manager, or quality assurance manager working with you.

However, if the company is small, you may be required to fulfill these duties.

Below is an illustration of the teams that you’ll likely find yourself reporting to when securing a warehouse manager position:

(Image Source)

Though post-secondary qualifications aren’t always necessary to get a job as a warehouse manager, you usually need to have a high school diploma. Some employees also prefer that you have an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in logistics or a related field.

How much do warehouse managers make on average?

The national average annual salary of a warehouse manager is $55,232, with the salary range being between $45k–$86k.

If you find that your potential employer’s offer is lower than you were hoping for, there are ways to negotiate for a better salary.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask for more than you want

  • Put your number out first

  • Don’t use a range, but rather a specific number (e.g., instead of saying “between $55,000 and $60,000,” just simply ask for $60,000)

  • Do research on both the average salary and benefits to guarantee that you get market value or above

  • Negotiate based on your work performance and achievements rather than your personal needs (such as your rent)

If you find yourself wanting to negotiate for a higher income, but you’re uncomfortable doing so, keep in mind that negotiating is normal. In fact, 70% of managers expect candidates to negotiate their salaries.

Top 3 elements that affect a warehouse manager’s salary

Here’s a list of the three elements that affect how much a warehouse manager makes:

1. Experience level

Warehouse managers’ salaries differ greatly depending on their experience level.

Let’s break it down by years of experience. These estimates include salaries, bonuses, and overtime pay:

  • <1 year of experience: $46k per year

  • 1–4 years of experience: $50k per year

  • 5–9 years of experience: $54k per year

  • 10–19 years of experience: $59k per year

  • 20 > years of experience: $64k per year

(Image Source)

In addition to salary differences, experience levels will also affect the type of benefits that you receive.

For example, only 22% of experienced (late-career) warehouse managers have no health care benefits, whereas 42% of entry-level warehouse managers have no health care benefits.

This means that your chances of getting health benefits increase by 20% when you have more experience.

2. Location

Where you live significantly affects the amount of money that you make as a warehouse manager. Some states pay a lot more than others based on the cost of living.

According to Payscale’s compensation data, warehouse managers who live in the following areas earn more than the national average warehouse manager salary:

  • Los Angeles, California (8.4% more)

  • Houston, Texas (8.1% more)

  • Dallas, Texas (4.4% more)

The lowest warehouse manager salaries can be found in:

  • Miami, Florida (8.3% less)

  • Phoenix, Arizona (7.7% less)

3. Skills

Your abilities and skills could also affect the amount of money you make as a warehouse manager.

While skills such as inventory management, shipping, people management, and logistics are highly sought-after, other hard skills also affect your salary.

These include:

  • Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Leadership

  • Supply Chain

  • Performance Management

  • Budget Management

  • Microsoft Word

  • Information Technology (IT) Support

  • SAP Materials Management (SAP MM)

  • Fleet Management

(Image Source)

By highlighting these skills on your resume (if you have them, of course), you’ll be much more likely to get not only the warehouse management position but also higher compensation.

Start applying to become a warehouse manager

Now that you’ve seen how much a warehouse manager makes on average, as well as the elements that affect their salaries, you can apply for the warehouse manager positions on Jobcase’s job board.

Remember to switch on your job alerts to get the most recent warehousing job listings as soon as they become available.

If you haven’t yet identified possible job opportunities, you can make your job search easier by following these tips.

Still in the process of writing your resume? Learn how to write an amazing resume that’ll help you land your dream warehouse manager job.



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